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Enabling Encouraged Log In
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Encouraged Log In

When enabled, Encouraged Log In:

  • Helps prevent duplicates by prompting constituents to log in before filling out your forms
  • Helps reduce form abandonment by displaying all options in a single window and allowing constituents to continue to their selected form without logging in
  • Redirects the constituent to the destination form after they log in or reset their password
  • Embeds additional "Have an account? Click here to log in" links in the header area of each enabled form
Note: Please be aware that the Encouraged Log In feature has limited options for customization. These options are described below.

Enabling Encouraged Log In

To begin, navigate to:

System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Encouraged Log In.


This will take you to a page where you can configure the Encouraged Log In settings for your online forms.


To enable Encouraged Log In for any of the form types in the list below, toggle the "Use Encouraged Log In" switch to On.


Note: Prior to May 6th, 2017, Encouraged Log In was enabled for all payment forms or none; it was not possible to manage each form type separately.

If your organization enabled Encouraged Log In prior to this date, it will stay enabled by default for the following pages:

  • Donation
  • Event Registration
  • Online Store Registration
  • Membership Registration

If you would like to enable it for the other pages, you will need to edit the setting.

Additionally, if you wish to use Encouraged Log In on Custom Forms that were published before you turned Encouraged Log In on, then you will have to un-publish and re-publish your Custom Forms.

You can also add custom header and footer content to the Encouraged Log In form:


Click Save Settings to save your changes.


What Happens Next?

When a constituent clicks on a link to one of your enabled forms, the following window will appear:


The constituent is given several options to choose from:

  1. Log In - Enter their login name and password to continue.
  2. Sign in with their Facebook or Twitter account (if Social Media Login is enabled for your forms).
  3. Recover Account - submit the email address associated with their account to recover their login information.
  4. Close the prompt window and complete the form as a new account.

Log In

Log in using your NeonCRM account login name and password or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. When a constituent logs in to their Neon account from this page, they are taken directly to the constituent version of the destination form instead of the login portal home page.

Send Recovery Email

Users can enter their email address and click Recover Account to see if they already have a NeonCRM account associated with their email address:


When they submit their email address, they will receive the following message:


If a match is found, Neon will send the Reset Password system email to the address that they entered.

Complete as new account

The user can also close the window and continue without logging in. Users who select this option will complete the public access (non-logged in) version of the form.

On each form for which Encouraged Log In is enabled, however, an additional link is automatically embedded in the header section:


This way, if a user closes the login window and then changes their mind, they can click that link and re-open it so that they can log in.

Additional Details

When using this feature, be sure to:

  1. Enable the Reset Password System Email. This email must be enabled in order to allow users recover their login information using the Forgot Your Password? option.
  2. Add the Login Name and Password fields to your Public Access Pages so that new constituents can create their account login name and password.

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