Changing the Style of a Custom Form

Changing the Style of a Custom Form


Adjust Layout
Basic: Survey/Form Layout Settings
Advanced: Create your own CSS
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Adjust Layout

There are basic and advanced options for customizing the style your Custom Forms. To adjust some basic style settings or use your own CSS, un-publish your form then click the Adjust Layout button under the Basic Information section of your custom form configuration page. 


Survey/Form Layout Settings

You can customize the form background color, font color, font family, font size, header font size, button background color and button font color from the Survey/Form Layout Setting page.


Advanced Layout Settings: Create your own CSS

From here, you can also access the advanced settings that allow you to use your own CSS. 

To do this, click on the Create your own css code link as shown below. 


Click the radio button use your own designed css then enter the code into the space provided. You can change the style of your custom form so that it uses the style of your Neon web template (in other words, it will look more like your standard Neon forms). To do this, select the option to use your own CSS.

If left blank, your survey/form will inherit the style of your web template.


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