Creating Donation Levels on a Custom Form

Creating Donation Levels on a Custom Form

You can create donation levels on a donation custom form. To start, go to your Forms and Pages > Custom Forms and Surveys, then press New Survey/Form.


On the Survey/Form Wizard page, for Support Payment, select Donation Levels.

In the survey editor interface, add the Donation Level option to your form by dragging and dropping.


The donation levels will look like this:


To edit the levels, click on the Donation Level field. The Properties area will appear on the left side of the screen. Click within the Options section to edit.


Once you do that, you'll start adjusting the labels for each level and their associated value. The syntax goes like this:

Label == amount

So, if you wanted a 25 dollar value to carry over to your credit card page and you'd want it to be labeled $25 - Bronze Level, the syntax would be:

$25 - Bronze Level == 25

Once you have completed your donation level setup, click the icon with the white paper and green checkmark to save.


Click Save at the top of the page to save your survey.


To generate a hyperlink for your survey, click Publish in the upper-right corner.


The Survey/Form Link will display at the bottom of the Basic Information section.


Click Check to view your form. Your donation levels will display as configured.


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