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Enabling Deferred Payments
Managing Deferred Payments
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Enabling Alternate Payment

Add the Alternate Payment Section to the public and constituent versions of your Credit Card payment page to give constituents the option to pay later.

The image below is an example of a customized public access Credit Card page with the Alternate Payment option.


To add this payment option, navigate here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections.

Note: the credit card payment page is used for all front end transactions (i.e., event registrations, donations, membership registrations, store purchases). If you add the alternate payment option to your Constituent and Public Credit Card pages, it will be an available payment option on ALL of your web forms.

Step 1: Select Page

The Credit Card payment page can be configured for Public Access and Constituent pages.

Step 2: Select Page Fields

The deferred payment option is found in your Credit Card Page Fields Selector as Alternate Payment.

Find Alternate Payment under the list of available fields and place it under a section in the right hand column. Click Continue.

Step 3: Customize Page

From this page you can choose the display name for the Alternate Payment field. The default label for this payment option is I will mail in a check or money order. You might want to add information about where your constituents can send or bring their payment in the section around this field.


Once added to your form, It will appear on your payment page as shown below.

Classic Markup Responsive Markup
2014-03-30_13-02-41.png responsive_markup_pay_later.png
Note: If you are offering PayPal Standard as a payment option, anyone who selects PayPal on your payment forms will not be able to use the Pay Later feature.

Managing Deferred Payments

When this payment option is selected, the status of the transaction record in NeonCRM will be set to DEFERRED until payment is received and added to the record.


Adding Payment

Once you receive the check/money order, the payment can be added to the deferred record by a system user.

Navigate to the deferred transaction record and click the "Add" button in the Payment Information section, as shown in the example below.


The transaction status will change from DEFERRED to SUCCEED once the total payment amount has been added to the record.

Note: Adding payment will send out the associated System Email (i.e., Donation Appreciation, Event Registration, Membership Registration, Purchase Acknowledgement)

Email Acknowledgement

System Emails

You can enable automatic email and letter responses to be sent when someone chooses "pay later" to complete a transaction.

The default versions of these emails include the contact information from your Organization Profile as directions for payment.

When you receive the payment and enter it onto the transaction record, NeonCRM can then send the appropriate "success" system email when the transaction status changes from DEFERRED to SUCCEED.


You'll find these emails in System Settings > Transaction Acknowledgements: System Emails

  • Donation Appreciation - Pay Later
  • Event Registration - Pay Later
  • Membership Registration - Pay Later
  • Membership Renewal Completion Notice - Pay Later
  • Product Purchase - Pay Later

Read more about enabling and building new versions of system emails here.

Note: The Pay Later option & DEFERRED status are not available when entering transactions through the administrative back end of NeonCRM. Meaning that these system emails only send when choosing to 'Pay Later' on a front end form.

Exit Page

You might consider creating a custom exit page to notify constituents that their transaction (donation, event registration, or membership) information was successfully received by your organization and that they will get a confirmation email upon receipt of payment. When you designate a exit page for a particular form, anyone who fills out that form will see this same exit message. For this reason, be sure the message is applicable to all constituents.

The detailed guide to creating and setting custom exit pages can be found here.

Email Audience

You can also create an Email Audience using a database search to pull in all accounts with deferred payments so that you can send out a campaign email to those people as a reminder to send or bring their payments.

To do this, use the appropriate search criteria to capture a list of accounts with deferred transactions. For example, to create an audience of accounts with deferred event registrations, you would load the search criteria "Event Registration Status: Equal DEFERRED" along with specifying the name of the event.


For donations, you would load the criteria Donation Status: Equal DEFERRED. To find accounts with deferred memberships, use Membership Status: Equal DEFERRED.

If you have a manageable number of deferred transactions, you can just copy those Account ID numbers to use as the search criteria for your audience (e.g., Account ID: In Range Of '12,67,42').


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