Connecting NeonCRM Forms and Pages to Your Website

Connecting NeonCRM Forms and Pages to Your Website

Connecting your NeonCRM forms and pages to your website is very simple. All you need to do is create hyperlinks on your website that point at your NeonCRM pages.

To find the location of your pages, navigate to: Forms & Pages> Forms & Pages Home.

This page contains the URLs of all of your public-facing forms and pages.


For this example, we'll connect your standard online donation form to a website. Find the section that contains your online donation forms.


Under the column labeled Form Link, right click on the blue link.

Click Copy link address (or similar text, depending on your web browser).


Then, you will need to copy this link into the appropriate HTML code for your organization's web site.

There are countless ways to create a web site, and it is beyond the scope of this article to show you how to create a hyperlink under every possible circumstance. However, many websites have a content editor similar to the one pictured below. Many have a button that allows you to create a hyperlink. Click on it.


You will want to paste the link from NeonCRM into a field labeled URL.


After you have done that, you can often edit the text to give a helpful description of what the link does.


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