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Debating whether the Constituent Login Portal is right for your organization? Watch this video (12 min) for the information you need to decide.

Constituent Login Portal

Constituents can access their NeonCRM account information and transaction history (i.e. donations, event registrations, memberships, store purchases) with your organization from your Constituent Login Portal. It's best practice to encourage your constituent to log in to their existing Neon account before filling out one of your forms, as this helps to reduce the number of duplicates in your database.

You can find the settings for your login portal under System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal


Constituents and system users log in to Neon from the same login page (https://[your_org_id]

While system users will be taken to NeonCRM upon logging in, your constituents will be taken to your customized Constituent Login Portal. This portal will match your website's header, footer, and color scheme.

Constituents will see their name and account ID in the upper left, your Login Portal Message front and center and a dropdown menu on the upper right for easy navigation to where you want them to go.

Login Portal Messages

The Login Portal Message will be the first thing a constituent sees upon logging in to your front-end Constituent Login Portal. You can create as many as you like and display them simultaneously.

To create new messages or manage existing ones, navigate to: Forms & Pages tab > Login Portal Messages

Any Login Portal Messages that have been created in Neon will be listed here. From this page, you can edit the content and settings of existing messages, delete expired messages, and create you own new messages.

To create a new message, click New Message

Login Portal Message Information

Add a brief description for the message, which is for internal use only.

Specify the Start Date and Start Time for the message to begin appearing. You can also define the lifespan for your messages by creating an End Date and End Time.

All active messages will appear on the Login Portal homepage, with the message with the nearest Valid From date at the top of the page. However, leaving the Valid To date blank will allow for the placement of a permanent message. At least one permanent message is recommended.

Message Content

Using the WYSIWYG editor, you can add links and images, or your custom HTML.

Dropdown Navigation Options

Control what your constituents can do while logged in to their NeonCRM account by customizing the links available under the "What would you like to do?" drop down menu in the constituent login portal.

This setting is configured here: System Settings Tab > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal > Dropdown Navigation Options

From this page, you have many options for customizing the user menu, as well as the content of the pages they access. There are two types of pages:

  1. Standard Menu Options
  2. Custom Menu Options

Standard Menu Options

The Standard Menu Options section contains the pages that NeonCRM supplies by default.

Some of the Standard Menu Options direct logged in constituents to pages where they can view and print their transaction history with your organization.These include:

  • My Donation - donation history
  • My Membership - membership history
  • My Registered Event - event registration history
  • My Orders - store purchase history

Click Edit next to the page name you wish to configure.

You can change the name displayed to users by adding a Custom Display Name.

Some pages have additional options that you can configure; see below.

The My Donation edit page gives you the option to display/hide the link to setup a recurring donation and the "Donate Now" button.

Editing the My Membership menu option gives you the ability to display or hide the links to setup and edit membership auto-renewal.

The My Registered Event edit page allows you to choose if you want your constituents' event registration list to include an "Attended" column, which will show if they were marked as Attended for that event:

Custom Menu Options

You can also add your own custom menu options to the dropdown menu. Find the section labeled Custom Menu Options, located below the Standard Menu Options.

To add your own menu option, click Add Menu Options.

Type in the Menu Option Name, which is the text a user will see. Enter the Menu Option URL. This is the destination of this menu option. When finished, click Add Menu Option.

Configuring the display of menu options

Once you have set up all of the menu options, you can choose which options will be displayed, and the order in which they will display. Click View/Edit Menu Options.

The options in the right-side column are the ones that will appear to your users.

Drag the options up or down to adjust the order of your menu options.

Drag options to the left-side column to remove them from your menu. When finished, click Save Menu Configuration.


Facebook & Twitter Login

Allow constituents to create a Neon account and log in via Facebook and Twitter. To enable Social Media Login and control the contact information you collect for accounts created with this feature, navigate to: System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal > Facebook & Twitter Login.

The detailed guide to the Social Media Login is found here.

Photo Upload Approval

Logged-in constituents can upload photos of themselves to their profile. These can be displayed on their profile and in the Member Directory. You can control whether or not staff members need to approve constituent-uploaded photos before being displayed. This is configured here: System Settings Tab > System Settings Home > Photo Upload Approval

Learn more about photo approval here.

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