Organization Group Memberships

Organization Group Memberships


Setting Up an Organization Group Membership
Adding Sub-Member Terms
Registering for an Organization Group Membership Online
Registering for an Organization Group Membership from the Constituent Login Portal
Entering an Organization Group Membership as an Administrator
Renewing an Organization Group Membership Online
Renewing an Organization Group Membership as an Administrator


NeonCRM offers three membership types, described here: No Group, Individual Group, and Organization Group. Organization Group Memberships allow an organization to register as the primary member and add individual employees to be sub-members. Each of the sub-members will receive their own separate NeonCRM account, which will be linked to the primary member as an organization contact (described here). The sub-members will be able to create their own login names and passwords and receive all the benefits of the membership, such as member discounts on events or store purchases. However, only the primary member will be able to renew or otherwise change the membership for the sub-members.

The most common example of an Organization Group Membership is a corporate membership. For example, the company could be the primary member and five of its employees could be sub-members.

Setting Up An Organization Group Membership

To set up an Organization Group Membership, go to System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Membership Settings > Membership, then select New Membership.


On the next page, name your membership and fill out the other information as you like. The different fields on this page are described here. Then, from the Type drop-down, select Organization Group Membership

Upon selecting Organization Group Membership type, two new fields will appear:

  • Max # of Sub-members - designate a maximum number of sub members that the primary member can bring along with them. For example, if you wanted to allow a company to bring up to 5 employees as part of their corporate membership, you would enter "5" in the Max # field.
  • Sub-membership available to - choose which organization contacts can be added to an employee group membership; all contacts or only those marked as current employees. 


Click Next.

Now that you have set up the basic information about your membership, you need to set up the pricing and length. To do this, click New Membership Term next to the Membership Term/Pricing heading.


On the next page, you will be asked to set up a Join and a Renew term for your Organization Group Membership. Neon separates these terms so that you can have different pricing for each - for example, it costs $100 for someone to join as a member, but $200 to renew. This guide outlines how to set up Join and Renew terms. This process is the same for all membership types.


Once you have finished setting up the Join and Renew terms, click Submit. You will be returned to the Membership page. There, you will see the terms that you set up with details. The final column will say Group Detail and have links that say Add Sub-member Term.


Adding Sub-Member Terms

You must select Add Sub-member Term and complete the screens for both terms in order to complete your membership setup. This allows you to set what additional cost (if any) there is for each employee, like the five employees in our example. You will be able to enter "0" for this fee if there is no additional fee per person.

You will need to go through the Add Sub-member Term process twice - first for the Join term that you created, then for the Renew term. Click the Add Sub-member Term for the Join term first. This will take you to a screen that is similar to the Join/Renew screen.


On this screen, the Display Name should say what (if any) extra cost there will be per sub-member. The Fee is that cost. In this case, we are not charging anything for each employee. Click Submit to complete the setup. You will be returned to the Membership screen. Now click Add Member Price for the Renew term and repeat the same process.


Once you finish adding the Member Price for the Renew term, you will be once again returned to the Membership screen. It will now have both the Join and Renew terms for the organization and the Join and Renew terms that you set up for the employees.


Registering for an Organization Group Membership Online

Now that you have set up your Organization Group Membership called Corporate Membership, it will be available on your online membership forms. You can always retrieve the link for this and other Neon forms under Forms & Pages > Home/Dashboardas described here. 

Note that Organization Group Memberships will only display on the organization version of your membership form, which is accessible by clicking the Organization User? button on your membership form, described here. The membership you set up will be listed using the language that you entered in the Display Term field during setup.


On the first page of the membership form, the organization will be able to select your Organization Group Membership term and enter their information. The information that you collect on this form can be customized by following the directions in this guide. When they click Submit, they will be taken to a second page.


To add a sub-member to the corporate membership, click Add a Sub-member. The primary member - the organization - will then be asked to fill out information about the sub-member. The only options that will be available for the sub-member's membership level are the Sub-member Terms that you set up - in this case, Employee - free.


At the bottom of this page, the organization can either click Continue - if they are done adding sub-members - or they can add additional sub-members by clicking Add Another Sub-membe. This button will appear until the primary member has met the sub-member limit that you set in the Max # field during setup. If you did not set a Max #, the organization will be able to add as many sub-members as they would like.


Logged-In Constituent Options

If the company is logged in while registering and they already have employees associated with their Neon account, Neon will give them the ability to include those employees as sub-members on their Organization Group Membership. Organization Contacts are described in detail in this guide. 

The organization contacts available to add to a group membership depends on what option you selected for the "Sub-membership available to" setting.  

For example, in this screenshot, we can see that Veen & Sons Construction has four employees: Dan Veen, Melinda Brooker, Corey Veen, and Leon Veen. Note that employees do not automatically become members when their organization purchases a membership. You must add employees as sub-members for their company's membership.


If Dan logs in as Veen & Sons Construction using the constituent login portal (described here) and goes to the membership registration form, he will be able to choose and purchase the Organization Group Membership. Once he has completed his transaction, he can select My Membership in the constituent drop-down.


From this page, he can add his company contacts to his membership by selecting them and clicking Join.


Now Dan, Melinda, Corey, and Leon have been added as sub-members for Veen & Sons Construction's Organization Group Membership.


Additionally, clicking Add will create a new individual account as a company contact of this organization in your NeonCRM, but will not automatically grant them membership. After you've created them, add them to the group membership by selecting them and clicking Join.  

Entering an Organization Group Membership as an Administrator

To register an account for an Organization Group Membership in the back-end of Neon, go that person's account and select New Membership in the Membership History section.


Select the appropriate Membership Term (in this case, Corporate Mem) and Neon will automatically populate several of the remaining fields. Select the  Calculate option for Neon to automatically assign a start and end date to this membership according to your Membership Settings, described in this guide. Then click Add Membership.


On the following pages, you will be asked to confirm the membership entry and enter payment information.

Once you have completed the entry, go back to the organization's account. Add the additional employees that you wish to add to the purchased Organization Group Membership by selecting New Contact in the Contacts section.  Make sure that they are also set up as accounts.


Once employee accounts have been added, a new link will be available next to any membership categories in the Membership section: Manage Organization Contact's Membership.


Check off the employees that you wish to add to the Organization Group Membership, and select Add as Sub-member. The organization contacts available to add to a group membership depends on what option you selected for the "Sub-membership available to" setting.  


Select the appropriate Membership Term (in this case, Corporate Member Contact) and Neon will automatically populate several of the remaining fields. Select the Calculate option for Neon to automatically assign a start and end date to this membership according to your Membership Settings.


Click Add Membership, then Submit upon reviewing the summary screen. The four employees are now sub-members on the organization's Organization Group Membership.

Renewing an Organization Group Membership Online

 Your members can renew their membership by logging in to the constituent login portal and selecting My Membership from the login drop-down menu. Note that you have the ability to change this wording by following this guide, so the wording in your drop-down menu may be slightly different.


On this screen, they will see a link to Renew Now next to their membership information.


From here, they will follow the same workflow as when they originally purchased their Organization Group Membership, as outlined above.

The behavior for the renewal of the sub-members will depend on how you configured the When the Primary Members renew, present them the option to renew all sub-members together and make them the same start as the primary membership setting in System Settings > Membership Settingsas described here.

Renewing an Organization Group Membership as an Administrator

To renew an Organization Group Membership as an administrator, go to the account of the primary member. In the Membership History section, select Renew Membership.


Neon will automatically auto-populate the same information from the previous membership. You can change this if the member has elected to change their membership. Select Add Membership.


On the next page, Neon will ask you if you would like to renew the sub-members of the primary member. Select the sub-members using the checkboxes on the left side. Click Next, then review the summary screen and enter payment information.

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