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You can use the Custom Forms & Surveys module to create custom forms for No Group Memberships in NeonCRM. Custom forms cannot be used for Household Group or Organization Group Memberships. For more information on membership types, see our Getting Started with Memberships guide. Membership custom forms can only be created after you have set up membership levels following the instructions in that guide.

Note: While Membership Custom Forms are available, we do recommend using your standard Membership Forms if at all possible because of the limitations of membership custom forms outlined below. At this time, once you create a membership custom form, the membership levels, display names, terms, active/inactive status, and pricing will not change, even if you have made updates to these items in your System Settings.

Create a New Custom Form

To create a new form, follow the instructions in the Custom Forms & Surveys guide. 

On the Survey/Form Wizard page, select Use Membership from the Support Payment drop-down menu. 


Create a New Page

Select New Page on the Survey/Form page to start building your form content.


This will bring up the Form Builder.


Add Membership Pricing to your Form Page

To add membership options, drag and drop the Membership Pricing option in the Neon Fields box between the Header and the Submit button.


Click on the Membership Pricing option that you just dragged between the Header and Submit button.

The left Properties sidebar will expand. Set the Required option to Yes. A red asterisk will appear in the center panel to indicate that this field is now required.


Just selecting Yes without any further action will create a drop-down menu of your membership levels for your constituents to choose from.

Below is an example of how this will appear on your published custom form.


Alternatively, you can make it so that your custom form will only allow constituents to register for one membership level. This will not give them any options on your form to choose which membership level they would like to register for.

To do this, in the left Properties panel, select the radio button next to the membership level that you wish to require your constituents to register for on this form.

Then make sure that the checkbox next to Hidden Field is checked.


In this example, our constituents will only be able to register for the Basic Membership on this custom form. The Membership Pricing drop-down menu will not appear on the published custom form, because it is hidden.


Once you have finished adding other fields to your custom form (First Name, Last Name, etc.), follow these instructions to publish and share it.

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