Photos in the Membership Directory

Photos in the Membership Directory


Allowing Photos in the Membership Directory
Uploading Photos
Requiring Photo Approval
Approving Photos

Allowing Photos in the Membership Directory

You can allow your constituents to upload photos for inclusion in your Membership Directory. To turn this feature on, go to System Settings > System Settings Home > Memberships > Member Directory Settings. When creating a new membership directory, for option #4, check off the Display approved photos of members option.


Uploading Photos

Your constituents have the ability to upload their photo in the constituent login portal. This photo will be added for you to view a system user on their NeonCRM account. Your constituent can also approve it for use in your membership directory.

To upload a photo, constituents can log in and from the drop-down navigation, select Update My Profile. Note that this is the default name for this page; you have the ability to change this option in System Settings > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal > Dropdown Navigation Options. A full guide on this menu is available here.


On this page, select the Upload a New Photo option in the upper-right corner.


A new window will open to allow your constituent to upload a photo from their computer.


When they click Submit, their photo will be added to their profile.


Requiring Photo Approval

If you prefer, you can require that all photos uploaded by your constituents for inclusion in the membership directory be approved before they display. To turn on this setting, go to System Settings > System Settings Home > Constituent Login Portal > Photo Upload Approval.


To require photo approval, select Yes and click Submit.


Approving Photos

With the Photo Upload Approval setting turned on, your constituents will see a To Be Approved message when they upload a photo as outlined above.


To approve photos, on the main NeonCRM home screen, select Photos Uploaded from the To Do List.


This link takes you to a list of photos that need to be approved. Click the account ID to view the photo.


Click Approve to approve the photo.


Now that the photo is approved, it will appear under the Detail section of their listing on the Member Directory as well as that constituent's NeonCRM account page.

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