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Adding a Membership
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What is a Member?

In Neon, a membership is a transaction that is a property of an account. An account is only considered a "member" in Neon if that account has an active membership.  

Adding a Membership

Adding a constituent account to your NeonCRM is NOT the same as adding a membership. The only way that NeonCRM distinguishes between accounts within the system are between individuals and organizations. Adding a membership transaction to an account is what makes the person a "member."

You can add a membership to an account in two ways:

  1. Create a new account and add a membership at the same time. 
  2. Add a new membership to an existing account. 

You can add a new individual or organization member from the Membership tab. This allows you to create an account and a membership at the same time. 

Alternatively, you can add a membership to an account that already exists in NeonCRM. Navigate to the account that you wish to add a membership to. Scroll down to the Membership History section of their account page,and click the New Membership button.

Membership Settings

Membership Settings are the same no matter how you are entering the membership - with a new record or into an existing record. This is the Membership Settings screen:


Membership Term

The membership level the constituent should receive. These are set up in System Settings> System Settings Home> Membership Settings> Membership.

Learn more about setting up membership levels here.

Membership Level

This will automatically populate based on the Membership Term selected.

Enrollment Type

This will automatically populate as "JOIN," because you are entering a new membership.

Auto Renewal

Enabling this setting will automatically renew this membership upon its expiration. This setting is only available for members using a credit card or e-check.

More information on Auto-Renew Memberships is available here.

Transaction Date

This will automatically default to today's date.


The source of the membership. Configure you list of Sources under System Settings> System Settings Home> Accounts> Sources for Accounts and Transactions.

Term Fee

This will automatically populate according to the Membership Term you select.

Term Duration

The unit and duration of this membership. This will automatically populate according to the Membership Term you select.

Term Start Date and Term End Date

Term Start Date will automatically populate with today's date once you click Calculate. It will also automatically populate the Term End Date according to your Membership System Settings.

Learn about setting up your Membership System Settings here. 

Coupon Code

Enter any valid coupon code here and click Calculate to preview the discount.

Click Add Membership to Continue. 

Summary and Payment

If your membership required a fee, the next page you will see is the summary and payment page. Here, you can choose to add more items to the transaction, or finalize the transaction by adding a payment below. 


Click Submit Payment to submit your account and membership. You will be provided with a final Membership Summary screen.


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