Getting Started with Memberships

Getting Started with Memberships


Membership Levels
Membership Rank
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Membership Type
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Memberships on your Front-End Forms
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At its most basic level, the membership module assigns a status that you define to a constituent record for a period of time. You can use this in many different ways to suit your organization’s needs. Most often, people set it up so that their constituents regularly pay dues to receive some sort of benefit or access to their organization.

You can:

  • Keep track of current and expired members
  • Process membership fees
  • Set up automatically-renewing membership payments
  • Provide a front-end login for members to access the membership system features
  • Run reports on members

Membership Levels

First, you need to create your membership levels. These are found here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Memberships > Levels & Terms.


Membership Levels are categories you create to define a type of member, such as "individual" or "family" or "student." You create these to suit your organization’s processes. 

To create a new membership level, click New Membership.


Name your membership level, and add a code if you like. Codes are only for your internal tracking.

By changing the Status of a membership level, you control whether or not this level is available for use.


Membership Rank

NeonCRM can track if that person has upgraded or downgraded their membership level. One of the ways this can work is if you assign a rank to each membership level. Assign a number in this field. Numbers at the bottom of the list are higher in rank, meaning a "1" in this field is a lower level of membership than "3."


Force automatic renewal on front-end forms

While your members usually have the choice of whether to renew automatically, selecting Yes here sets a certain membership to always automatically renew. 

When this setting is enabled for a Membership Level, it applies to all membership terms created for that level, including sub-member terms.

Additional information on auto-renew memberships is available in this guide.


Membership Type

NeonCRM gives you the ability to set up and process three membership types, which include: 

  1. No Group Membership
  2. Organization Group Membership
  3. Household Group Membership


No Group Membership 

No Group Memberships are memberships for a single entity, such as a single individual or an organization with no additional contact memberships (i.e., only the organization is recognized as a member.)

Organization Group Membership

Organization Group Memberships allow one organization to sign itself up for a membership and then add company contacts (such as employees) as "child" members all in the same transaction. The child members each get their own account in NeonCRM, and these child members will be added as Organization Contacts on the primary member's account.

This guide explains how to configure and manage organization group memberships.

Household Group Membership

Household Group Memberships allow one individual to sign him/herself up for a membership and then add household contacts (such as spouses, children, etc.) as sub-members all in the same transaction. The sub-members each get their own account in NeonCRM, and these sub-members will be added as Household Contacts on the primary member's account.

This guide explains how to configure and manage household group memberships.

Membership Terms

After creating a new Membership Level, you will need to assign a Membership Term.  A Membership Term is a configuration that fills in the price and length of time for the membership. You may configure several terms for the same membership level. For example, you could set a one-year term at $25, and a two-year term of the same membership at $40. 

To configure your terms, navigate to: System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Memberships > Levels & Terms 

From this page, you can configure the terms for each membership level. Click on a level to configure it.


From this page, you may add as many terms as you like. Click New Membership Term to add a new term, or click Edit to make changes to an existing term.


 Clicking New Membership Term will take you to the Membership Term/Pricing configuration page, as shown below.


Enrollment Type

Each Membership Term requires that you set up two Enrollment Types - one for joining members, and one for renewing members:

  1. Membership Term - Join
  2. Membership Term - Renew

When creating a membership, you will configure the Join term and the Renew term at the same time. This can be useful if you want to have a low joining fee, but perhaps a higher rate to maintain membership. You must add at least one membership term to each membership level, but you can add as many different terms as you like.

Display Name

Your Display Name is what you’ll call this specific configuration of the membership term. This is the name that will display on your Membership Forms. When you enter the name of the Join term, Neon will auto-populate the Renew term with the same name and identify it as the "(Renew)" term. 


The Feeis the price a constituent must pay for this membership term. The fee for Renew term can be different from the Join term if you like. 


The Term is the length of time this membership lasts before expiring. This can be any number of days, months, years, or a lifetime. Specify the term duration and term unit for each membership. The renew term duration and unit will be the same as the join term.


Online Settings

If you allow members to enter their own membership payment amount online, this means they can choose to pay however much they want for this membership. Note: This option can only be used for one membership term at a time.

If you hide this membership term option, then only system users can assign this membership term when as a system user in the back-end of NeonCRM. Hidden terms will not be available on your front-end membership registration forms. 


Complete all required fields for both enrollment types then click Submit to finish setting up your new memberships. 

After configuring both Join and Renew settings, your membership term is ready to use.


Membership Registration Forms

Join terms will appear on your New Member Registration Form and Renew terms are available on your Membership Renewal Form. 

The links to your join and renewal forms here: Forms & Pages > Forms & Pages Home > Membership Forms

These forms can be configured from the web form customization utility. The full guide is found here.

Membership Terms on your Neon Forms:

Membership Type determines if the terms will be available for individuals, organizations or both. 

Membership Display Sequence

Once you've created your memberships, you can rearrange the display order. 

Click Reorder Membership Display Sequence to adjust the order in which your Membership Levels display on internal NeonCRM pages, including this page, the Membership Dashboard, and the back-end add membership drop-down choices.

Click Reorder Membership Term Display Sequence to determine the order in which your Terms display on your Membership Registration forms.


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