Membership Discounts

Membership Discounts


Price/Percentage Off Discount
Coupon Code Discount
Limiting Discounts to an Applicable Group
Using Coupon Codes as a System User
Using Coupon Codes as a Constituent
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The Membership Discounts section allows you to add discounts to membership levels, and even allows you to make certain discounts available to a selected group of constituents.

To set up Membership Discounts, navigate to: System Settings Tab > System Settings Home > Memberships > Fee Discounts.

Price/Percentage Off Discount

To create a new discount, click New Discount.


To create a new membership discount, enter:

  • Discount Start and End Date & Time: specify the date range that the discount will be valid.
  • Apply discount to: select the specific membership term and type that you want this discount to apply to, or you can select Any Membership
  • Enter the discount amount as a percentage or price (dollar amount) off the total membership fee.

Click Save when you’re done. Make sure to click Save to save the discount, or Save and New to save and create a new discount.

Once you have created a discount, it will appear on the Membership Fee Discounts screen.

From here you can further limit the discount to a certain group of people by adding a new Applicable Group (described below)

Coupon Code Discount

The second type of discount is a Coupon Code. Click New Coupon Code to create a discount available to anybody with this code. When they register, they can input this code and receive a discount.

To create a new coupon code, enter:

  • Coupon Code: the code to be used
  • Membership: the level and term of membership that will be discounted by the code
  • Max # of coupon uses: the number of times the code can be used
  • Effective Date From & To: the date range that the code will be usable
  • Select Discount Amount: the fixed amount or percentage that the code will deduct from the membership fee

Limiting discounts to An Applicable Group

Applicable Group allows you to make a discount only available to a certain group of constituents.

This requires that the constituent be logged in in order to receive the discount. More information on the constituent login portal is available here.

To specify which groups this discount will apply to, click the [New] link under the Applicable Group field. 

After clicking [New] or [Update] (if you are updating an existing Applicable Group), you will arrive at the Search Criteria screen. Load some criteria to specify who will be eligible to receive this discount. In this example, we want only current members to receive this discount. When you are done loading criteria, click Run Report.

The Results page will display all accounts that currently meet this criteria. Clicking Save Search & Return to Discount will save this as your applicable group for this discount.

Note that this is a dynamic search, so people will become eligible or ineligible for this discount as they meet or no longer meet the criteria. For example, if Grace Matthews' membership expires tomorrow, she will no longer be eligible for this discount.

On the Membership Discount screen, click Save to complete this process.

After you have done this, your group will now be eligible to receive this discount only while logged in to their account from your constituent login portal.

Using Coupon Codes as a System User

Coupon codes can be used when registering accounts for memberships as a system user. The Membership Coupon Code field appears on the Create Membership page.

Click Calculate to test whether the code is valid and what the discount will be.

Using Coupon Codes as a Constituent

Constituents will be able to enter a membership coupon code on the second page of the membership registration process. If the membership selected on the first page has a coupon code discount available for use, Neon will direct the constituent to a coupon code page.

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