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Limiting discounts to certain types of constituents
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The Event Discounts section allows you to add discounts to events, and even allows you to make certain discounts available to a selected group of constituents.

To set up Event Discounts, navigate hereSystem Settings > System Settings Home > Registration Discounts.


Price/Percentage Off Discount

Under Event Registration Discounts, click New Discount.

To create a new event discount, first enter the Discount Start Date and Discount End Date. This will specify the date range of the Event Discount.

Select the specific event(s) that you want this discount to apply to in the Apply Discount To section. You can also Select All Events

Enter the discount amount as a percentage or price (dollar amount) off the total registration fee.

Click Save when you’re done. Make sure to click Save to save the discount, or Save and New to save and create a new discount. Once you have created a discount, it will appear in the existing discount screen.

Limiting discounts to certain types of constituents

From the Event Registration Discount List page, you can define the applicable group of constituents that this discount applies to. The accounts that you specify as the Applicable Group will be the only people who can use this discount. Constituents specified as by the Applicable Group must be logged in to your Constituent Login Portal before registering in order to receive the discounted rate.

Under the Applicable Group column, click [New].

This brings up the query screen. Edit the criteria here are to define the discount group.

Note: In this example, the applicable group will be current members.

Scroll or search for the Membership criteria category. We only want people with a current, non-expired membership to be able to use this discount, so we’ll tell the search to only allow people whose membership expires in the future (as opposed to having already expired). 

To do this, set Expiration Date to Greater than


Click the text entry field, and when a calendar pops up, click on Custom date choice. This gives us a list of dynamic conditions that we can choose from. Click on Current Day.

 custom_date_choice.png     current_day.png

Save Changes then click Run Report to see a list of everyone in your database that fits your criteria. 

Click Save Search & Return to Discount.


This brings you back to the Discount Details page.

Click Save at the bottom of this page.

Click View to see the search criteria for the Applicable Group.

To make changes to the group of constituents eligible for this discount, click [Update].

Coupon Code Discount

The second type of discount is a coupon code. You create a discount available to anybody with this code. When they register, they input the code and receive a discount.

Enter a Coupon Code and determine if it applies to a specific event or any event in your system. 

Note: You can only use a specific event with a coupon code if the start date of your event is later than today's date.

You can also tell Neon to only accept up to a certain number of code uses by entering a max number of coupon uses

Ticket Packages allows you to make a coupon code apply to a specific Ticket Price. This discount will be applied to the Registrant and to any additional Attendees.

The Effective Dates allows you to set a date range for the code to be valid. Select the discount amount to make the discount a percentage or fixed dollar amount.

Using Event Coupon Codes

Front End

When you have active event coupon codes set up, you will notice that a field If you have a coupon, please enter code here (case sensitive) is added to the bottom on the applicable Event Registration Forms, as shown in the example below.

Back End

This field is also available when registering constituents as a system user from the back end.

The Coupon Code field will be available on the second page of registration, after the Attendee information and ticket prices.

Click Calculate to preview the validity of the code and the discount.

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