Organization Profile

Organization Profile
Account Information
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Organization Profile
View and update your organization profile by navigating to:

System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Organization Profile. 

The will bring you to the Organization Profile page, which includes two tabs of information, as shown below.

Edit Organization Profile

System Users are responsible for populating and updating the information found under the "Organization Profile" tab.

Click "Edit" to update your Organization Profile. 

From the resulting page, you can edit the general contact information for your organization. Filling out and updating the fields on this page is important because this information is used elsewhere in NeonCRM. 

  • The Organization Contact fields will be used in your Campaign Email and System Email communications by default. 
  • Organization Contact Name and Email are the system default values for sender name and sender email used in your System Emails.
  • Select your organization's Fiscal Year Start month. This setting determines how Neon calculates Fiscal Year transaction amounts in some reports. If you check the option to use this fiscal year for yearly stats, this will apply to your dashboard statistics. 

Click Save your settings to save your changes.

Account Information

The "Account Information" tab gives you access to details on your NeonCRM contract.

This information cannot be modified. Contact our Account Management team or submit a ticket in the Support Center for information on updating your NeonCRM account.

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