Organization Profile

Organization Profile
Required Settings
Account Information
Automatic Payments
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Organization Profile

The Organization Profile page allows System Administrators to view your organization's information with NeonCRM. This information includes:

  • Organization name and contact information as it appears in your NeonCRM account and in communications sent from your NeonCRM system
  • Fiscal Year settings for dashboard charts and reports
  • Primary, Billing and Support Contact information for your organization
  • Up to date information on Extended Training & Consulting and/or Visual Phone Support time remaining (if any)
  • Access to your NeonCRM contract and our Terms of Service
  • A list of the NeonCRM modules and features currently enabled in your system
  • Automatic payment details for your NeonCRM subscription
  • Exportable billing and payment history
View and update your organization profile by navigating to:

System Settings > Organization Profile


Required Settings

At the top of the Organization Profile page is a section of required information for your NeonCRM account:


Click Edit next to Organization Information or Address to update these settings.

  • Data entered into the Organization Name, Website and Mission Statement fields will be used in your System Email communications by default.
  • If your fiscal year is different from the calendar year, you can set the Fiscal Year Start month here. This setting determines how Neon calculates Fiscal Year transaction amounts in some reports. If you check the option to use this fiscal year for yearly stats, this will apply to your dashboard statistics.
  • URLs entered into the Facebook and Twitter fields will be used for the Social Media Links in email templates built within Neon.
  • Organization Contact Name and Email are the system default values for the "from" name and "from" email used in your System Emails.
    Note: Addresses with or domains cannot be used for your Contact Email, as the DMARC policies of both providers will prevent their email addresses from being used as the "from" email when not sent from their own mail servers.
  • The Contact Name, Contact Phone, and Address information will appear on the NeonCRM Standard versions of Event Registration system emails, on Purchase Acknowledgment emails, and on Printed Receipts.

Click Save changes in the Edit window to save your edits.

Account Information

This section contains information related to your NeonCRM account and service plan.

Account Contacts

The top of this section displays your current Primary and Billing contacts. Click the Replace link for either of these contacts to change the contact information.
If you have a contact who is neither the Primary nor the Billing contact for your account, the Other Contacts section will display their information. If you would like to add or edit this contact information, click Request Edit and complete the linked request form.
Note: Only two designated support contacts are provided with support center accounts so that they can log in and submit requests to the Support Center.

Service, Contract and Subscription Information


This section will display the following:

  1. Any remaining Extended Training & Consulting time available. If your organization has Visual Phone Support as part of your support package, your remaining time will display here as well. Click the links to request a session.
  2. Download your NeonCRM contract or our Terms of Service
  3. View your Organization ID and Login URL. The Organization ID is required for accessing the NeonCRM Mobile Apps.
  4. View the modules and features that are currently included in your NeonCRM subscription.

Automatic Payments

View the current setup of automatic payments for your NeonCRM fees. Click Update to change the payment method or information.


Billing History

View and/or export a list of your NeonCRM invoices and payments. You can also download individual PDFs of each invoice.


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