Wealth Screen Settings

Wealth Screen Settings
Deleting Wealth Screen Setup


Wealth Screen Settings

Wealth Screen Rating is an indicator that shows up on a constituent's account page.


It examines the ZIP code of the constituent and assesses either the average household income or the average housing value of that ZIP code to give you a rating that is displayed with stars. The Wealth Screen Rating pulls from U.S. census data.

To configure your Wealth Screen settings, navigate to: 

System Settings > System Settings Home > Account Properties > Wealth Screening Criteria


From here, either create a New Wealth Screen, or Edit the existing one.


Name your configuration, and choose which metric to use as an indicator.You will also need to specify the dollar amounts you want to use as categories (how many stars a constituent receives).


Once you have set up your categories, click Submit. On the next screen, you can name each level of your rating. When you are finished, click Submit. Your settings will take effect on all existing accounts.


You can delete your current wealth screen setup to disable that feature entirely. 


When you do that, you will see Not Available at the top of an account page in lieu of a set of stars, as shown in the example below.


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