Report System Settings

Report System Settings


Saved Report Types
Giving Levels

Find Report System Settings in System Settings> System Settings Home> Reports.


Saved Report Types

To set up your custom report types, navigate to System Setting> System Settings Home > Reports > Saved Report Types. From here, add the categories of reports that you need, and click Submit.


Now, when you save a report, you can select a Custom Report Type.

To filter and/or sort your reports by Custom Report Type, navigate to Reports> Reports Dashboard. At the top-right of the page, you can filter reports by Custom Report Type.


Giving Levels

Giving Levels let you report on the different donation and pledge ranges of your constituents. 

They do not affect your front-end forms.

For Donation levels on forms, see Fundraising System Settings.

To create Giving Levels, navigate to System Settings > System Settings Home > Reports > Giving Levels.


Change the amounts in the "to" field to adjust the levels. This will automatically calculate the corresponding "from" column.


You can then use the Income Analysis Report to see your incoming transactions grouped by these levels. 


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