Fundraising System Settings

Fundraising System Settings


Donation Custom Fields
Donation Custom Fields on your Donation Forms
Donation Levels
Donation Levels on your Standard Donation Form
Donation Levels on your Campaign Donation Forms
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Fundraising Settings

Donation Custom Fields and Donation Levels are configured here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Fundraising Settings 


Donation Custom Fields

Adding a donation specific custom field is exactly the same process as adding an Account Custom field.

More on Custom Fields can be found here.


Donation Custom Field data:

  • is stored on donation records
  • can be imported using the import manager but is not available using the batch donation utility
  • can be added to your standard and campaign donation forms but are not available for custom donation forms
  • can be searched and viewed in Donation & Transaction Reports

Manage your Donation Custom Field List here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Fundraising > Donation Custom Fields


Click New Custom Field to create a Donation Custom Field. 


You are required to enter the Field Name and to select the field Display Type. Choose a Data Type if you like, this is optional. 


Donation Custom Fields on your Donation Forms

When you create/edit a donation custom field, you will see the text highlighted below:


Clicking the link will take you to the web form customization utility where you can add donation custom fields to your:

  • Public Access Individual Donation Form
  • Public Access Organization Donation Form
  • Public Access (Individual or Organization) for Specific Campaigns
  • Constituent Donation Form
More on Customizing your Standard Web Forms can be found here.

Donation Levels

You might want to give online donors the ability to select from a predefined list of suggested giving levels. You can accomplish this using Donation Levels. Each donation level you create in Neon consists of a set of values (dollar amounts) that you define. Configure these by navigating to: 

System Settings > System Settings Home > Fundraising > Donation Levels

From this page, you will see a list of donation level configurations. You can create different levels to use with different campaigns. To create a new set of Donation Levels, click New Donation Levels.


Define your ranges here by clicking Add, entering amounts (numerals only) in the Amount field, and adding a display name in the Label field. Label is what will actually be visible on your organization’s donation page.

Checking the box next to Allow Other Amount will allow constituents to enter their own donation amount. 

Checking the Default option designates these values as your default set of donation levels. The Donation Level you designate as the system default is the only one that can be used on your Standard Donation Form, whereas Campaign Donation Forms can be configured to use different donation levels. 


Add a label to this as well, and then click Submit. You will be prompted to adjust the order in the values display for this set of Donation Levels. 


Click Submit to create your levels. Your newly created levels will now appear in your list of Donation Levels.


Donation Levels on your Standard Donation Form

To use your default donation levels on your Standard Donation Form instead of the free-entry donation amount field, navigate here:

System Settings > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections

Select the standard donation form you wish to configure (i.e.,Constituent page or Public Access page)  then click Configure Standard Donation Form Fields

Remove the Donation Amount field from the list of Selected fields and drag the Donation Level field over to the right hand column in it's place, as shown in the example below. 

Click Next to move to the next step. 

From here, you can change the Display Name if you like. By default, it will be set to Donation Level.

Click Submit to save your changes. 

When you look at your Standard Donation Form, you will see that your Default Donation Levels have been added in place of the Donation Amount field. 


Donation Levels on a Campaign Donation form

To configure a Campaign to use a specific set of donation levels, either create a new campaign or edit an existing one.

From the Campaign configuration page, find the Donation Level option, which lists each set of donation levels you've  configured in system settings.Use the Donation Levels drop down field to choose the set you want to use for this campaign in place of the Donation Amount field. 

Click Submit to save your campaign settings.

Under the Basic Information section of the Campaign Detail page, you can see which Donation Level is selected for this campaign donation form. 

When you view the donation form for this campaign, you will see the selected levels have been added in place of the Donation Amount field.

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