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Store Products

Products are item listings for your online store. A product can be a physical item that you sell or a digital file download.

Product Fields

Name and Base Price are required fields. If the product is free, enter 0 as the base price.  


  • Product Type is useful if you’re sorting your store by Product Type (described below). You do not need to use this field if you’re sorting your store by Catalogs.
  • If the product is a digital file download, place the URL of the file in the Download File field. The buyer will receive a link to the file after purchasing. You can link documents from the Document Center to use them as products. Ensure that the document has been published and has the correct Status to be visible to the public. Copy the URL from the document and paste it into the Download File field.
  • Code is available for your organization’s internal reference.
  • You can specify Availability if you want to inform buyers of a standard delay between ordering and shipping for this product.
  • Status governs whether the product is available for purchase. 
  • The Storefront Price Display field gives you two options for how a product price is displayed in your online store.
  • If you want a product to be in your store but not listed online, you can uncheck the Display this product online box.


  • Required Shipping determines if the product is subject to the shipping rates that you create in your Store Settings. 
  • If shipping is required, you will also need to enter the Package Weight and the Backup Shipping Cost. Backup Shipping Cost is the cost that will be used for shipping if Neon is unable to calculate shipping based upon the rules in your Store Settings. For example, the calculated shipping option in the Store Settings requires a valid zip code. If someone buying your product incorrectly enters their zip code, Neon will be unable to calculate the appropriate shipping cost, so it would use the Backup Shipping Cost as the shipping charge.

The Product Description is what constituents will see in your store when they view an item’s listing page.


Product Custom Fields

Additional Information allows to modify store custom fields for this product. You can add search fields to your Store page so that constituents can find products based on these fields. This is especially helpful if you have a large number of products that might be searched by a number of data fields, such as book title or author.

You can set up product custom fields here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Store > Product Information Fields

These are created in the same manner as other custom fields in NeonCRM. You can choose to make them visible or invisible in the store.


Once you have saved your product, you can configure the listing further by uploading photos, editing which catalogs it appears in, and creating product options.

Product Photos


You can upload multiple photos for your product. Note that the first photo will be used as the main thumbnail for the product on your storefront. Your constituents will be able to view the additional photos by clicking a "View More Images" link.

Product Options

Product options allow you to create variations of the product in the same listing. For example, you can create different sizes or colors of a product, and add price adjustments for different options (if applicable). When you create different product options, the Inventory system will create inventory entries for each combination of options, allowing you to track your items more effectively.

For each product, you can have up to three options. You can add as many choices as you like to each option. 


How to Sort your Products

You have to choose an approach to organizing your storefront. NeonCRM provides two methods of sorting products: Catalogs and Product Type. If your store is configured to sort products by Catalog, you will not see the Product Type displayed. Likewise, if your store is configured to sort products by Type, Catalog information will not be displayed. Since these two systems duplicate functionality, it is best practice to choose one method of sorting your store.


Catalogs are groups of products that can be displayed together in your store. A product can belong to multiple catalogs, and can be displayed in each catalog in your store. You may build as many catalogs as you like.

To create a catalog, navigate to: Store > Catalogs > New Catalog

You must name your catalog. In the Sequence Field, place a number. This determines the order the catalogs will be displayed on your Store page. Higher numbers will display lower on the page. Status indicated whether this catalog will display on your Store page.


To add products to your Catalog, click Edit in the Basic Information section of your product detail page.


Check the boxes next to any catalogs in which you want this product to appear.


If you select Featured on Front Page, this product will appear on the front Store page. Otherwise, the product will only appear once a user navigates to the catalog’s section of the store.

To change the display order of the products in your Catalog, go to Store > Catalogs and click Detail next to the catalog you'd like to edit. Click Reorder Display Sequence and make your adjustments.


Product Type

Product Types are categories that you can assign to a product. A product can only have one Type. You must pre-configure your product types in your Store Settings. To assign a product type, choose it from the dropdown menu on a product’s detail page.

If you choose to organize your products by Type (as opposed to Catalog), you will define the types here. Each type requires a Name and Code. Description is for internal reference. Sequence must be a number, which determines the order the product types will display on your storefront page. A higher number will display lower on the page. Status indicates whether a product type will be available when adding new products.

Once the type is set up, viewing the “Detail” page will show you any products that are categorized under that particular Type. Click “Reorder Display Sequence” will change the order the products display on the store web page.

Store Search Filters

You can configure which filters are available for shoppers to use to search for products in your store. This setting is found here:

Store > Settings > Store Custom Search Filtering

From here, you can enable or disable:

  • Product Category
  • Any Custom Field
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