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You can use NeonCRM to automatically track your product inventory. NeonCRM can:

  • Provide a snapshot of your product inventory
  • Automatically subtract items from the inventory when they are purchased
  • Display an “Out of Stock” and prevent orders on items with an inventory quantity of zero

Inventory tracking is enabled on a product-by-product basis. To enable inventory tracking for a product, navigate to the Inventory control screen:

Store Tab > Inventory

This screen gives you a couple options for which types of products you can view. Using the drop-down menus at the top and clicking Search, you can view different categories of products:



This lets you see either Active (available online) or Inactive products.


Managed Products

Selecting “Managed” products shows you the items that you are tracking with the Inventory system. Selecting Not Managed shows you a list of items that are not being tracked with the Inventory system.


Adding Inventory

Locate the item in the product list, and click Edit. You can Add or Subtract items from the quantity, or Reset the quantity to a specific number. If you decide that you no longer want to Manage the item with Inventory, click the Delete button.

Enter the quantity of items you have in stock. After you click Save, the item will be Managed in the Inventory screen.


Once an item is Managed, NeonCRM will automatically deduct quantities when it is ordered. NeonCRM will also display an “Out of Stock” notice on the store when the quantity reaches zero. Constituents will not be able to purchase the item.

You do not have to use inventory tracking for your store. If you leave the quantity field blank for any item, it will be available indefinitely for purchase online.


The Orders screen has two sections:

  • Open Orders
  • Recent Fulfilled Orders

Open Orders are orders that constituents have placed for items that have not been processed yet. When a constituent orders an item, that order will appear in this queue. When you process an order, the status changes to Fulfilled, and it moves to the Recent Fulfilled Orders section.


Processing Orders

Processing an order does two things:

  • It changes the status of the order to Fulfilled
  • It sends the buyer a notification of processing and shipping information

When you click Process, you will see a popup menu that contains fields for processing data and shipping details. You can choose to send the buyer a shipping notification with tracking information. The Note field will also be sent to the buyer if you send them a notification.



You can print out receipts for orders. Click Receipt to download a PDF of the transaction information. This can be useful as a packing slip.


Store Reports

Store reports are available under Reports > New Report > Online Store.


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