Entering Event Registrations as a System User


Add an Event Registration
Event Registration: Create
Event Registration Fields
New Registrant Account
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Event Attendee Fields
Summary and Payment
Event Registration Summary - event registration record view
Editing an Event Registration
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Entering Event Registrations as a System User

Constituents can register for events online, but there may be times event registrations need to be entered into Neon by staff, such as an onsite registration or taking a registration over the phone. There are two ways to enter these event registrations into NeonCRM:

  1. Using the Register button from the Event Detail Page. This would be ideal for constituents that do not have an account in your system.
  2. Entering event registrations through the registrants' accounts.

Add an Event Registration

To enter a new event registration as a system user, you can start from one of two places: (1) the registrant's Neon account or (2) the Events tab.

To avoid potential duplicates, it's best to first search your database to see if the donor already has a Neon account. From the account page, click the New Registration button found under the Event Registrations section.

You can enter an event registration for a new registrant or add a new event registration to an existing account by navigating to Events tab > Events List and then you can click Register next to your desired event. You can also open the Event Detail Page of your desired event and click Register there as well.

Event Listing Page


Event Detail Page

Event Registration: Create

You will be taken to the Event Registration: Create page.

First, you want to see if the registrant you are entering this registration for already has an account in NeonCRM. To do this, start typing their name (first or last) into the Registrant field, NeonCRM will narrow down matching suggestions as you type.


If you find a matching account, select this constituent by clicking their name. They will drop in as the registrant on the Event Registration: Create page.


If none of the offered accounts is a match, select New Individual or New Organization to create this registrant as a new account.


Now, complete the appropriate fields to add the event registration.

Registering Attendees: One Ticket per Attendee


Registering Attendees: One (or more) Table for Multiple Attendees


Event Registration Fields


The name of the existing or new account making the registration.


The amount of the event registration.


The date automatically populates as today's date, but can be changed for back-dating, etc.

Registrant Custom Fields

Displays Event Custom Fields for registrants.

Learn how to create and configure Custom Fields.


Designate the event registration Source. This is used to track more specific information about how an event registration was solicited.

Learn how to configure Sources.

Social Fundraiser

Attribute this event registration to a particular Social Fundraiser who assisted with this registration.

Learn more about Social Fundraising.


The Solicitor who assisted with this event registration.

Learn more about Solicitors.

Ticket Name

Displays the available Table Ticket(s)


An explanation about the available Table Ticket(s)

After entering the event registration information, click Continue.

This will take you to one of two places:

    1. If the registrant does NOT have an existing Neon account, you will be taken to the 'New Account' page.
    2. If you have already linked the event registration to an existing Neon account, you will be taken directly to the 'Attendee Information: Create' page.

New Account

Complete the appropriate fields for the new account. Click Create Account to continue to the summary and payment page.


Attendee Information: Create

Complete the appropriate fields for your event attendees as well as select the desired ticket prices and/or sessions. Any applicable coupon code should be entered on this page as well. Click 'Calculate' to see the price adjustment.


Event Attendee Fields

Event Admission

Lists the available tickets for this event registrations


Lists the available Event Session(s) as well as any available ticket prices for the Event Session(s)

Summary and Payment


This page provides some details about the information you've just entered, so you can confirm before adding payment information.

Click Back to make changes, or you can add another transaction to your shopping cart by clicking Edit or Add Items.


The two check boxes under Acknowledgement allow you to send an acknowledgement email and/or generate a thank you letter.

You determine the default behavior for these two check boxes here:

System Settings > System Settings Home > Communication Settings > System Email & Letter Defaults.


On the Payment Method page, you will be prompted to select the Tender Type for the donation (e.g., check, cash, credit card, etc.). These can be configured here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Payments & Transactions > Tender Types.

The Tender Type you select will change the payment information that you need to enter.

For example, when you select Check for the payment Tender Type, you will see the below fields.


Selecting Credit Card (Online) for the payment Tender Type will give you a different set of fields, as shown in the example the below. This tender also processes the payment with your credit card processor when submitted.


Fill out the appropriate payment information and click Submit Payment.

Event Registration Summary - event registration record view

Clicking Submit will complete the event registration entry process and you will be taken to the event registration record view page.

This event registration is now saved and available for viewing on the registrant's account.


Editing an Event Registration

Sometimes the situation arises where a registrant requests to change information, and/or provides more information after the registration was completed. NeonCRM System Users can access and edit the Event Registration Record by navigating to the Event Registrations section of an account page.

Clicking edit for the Registration will bring you to the below screen:


Clicking edit for Attendees will bring you to the below screen:


Note: Changing ticket prices for Attendees will require that you adjust both the Total Amount in the Registration and the Amount in the Payment Information section in order to maintain a status of SUCCEED.

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