Registering for Multiple Events

Registering for Multiple Events

Registering for Multiple Events Online
Registering for Multiple Events in the Back End
System Emails for Multiple Registrations
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NeonCRM can allow your constituents to register for multiple events in a single transaction. This can be done on front-end NeonCRM forms and in the back end of the system.

Note: this feature is not enabled by default in NeonCRM. If you would like this feature enabled, please submit a ticket to our Support department.

Registering for Multiple Events Online

NeonCRM has a setting that allows event registrants to register for multiple events in a single transaction. This setting must be enabled by our support team.

More information on contacting support is available here.

When the multiple event registration setting is turned on, the Register for Another Event button will appear on the registration summary page when a person registers for an event.


When the registrant clicks this button, they will be sent to your Event List page. From there, they can choose another event to register for.


NeonCRM will auto-fill their information from their first registration on the registration form for this additional event.


Upon completing their second registration, they will be returned to the summary page. This page will now display both registrations. The registrant can choose to complete their registrations and pay or add another event registration.


Note: If your NeonCRM system includes the Store module and you have configured your storefront layout to display Events as well as products, the "Register for Another Event" button will act as a "Continue Shopping" button and return the constituent to the storefront home page instead of the event list.

Registering for Multiple Events in the Back End

You can also register accounts for multiple events in the back end of NeonCRM. To create an event registration, go to Events > Event List.

Click Register next to the first event that you wish to register an account for.

On the transaction Summary page, select Edit or Add Items.


To add another event registration, select Add Item > Event Registration


A search window will appear for you to choose the additional event. Click on the event name to add a registration.


On the Order Summary page, click Add Item to add another registration or Check Out to complete the transaction and enter payment information.


System Emails for Multiple Registrations

When someone registers for multiple events, NeonCRM will send a separate Event Registration system email for each different event. For example, if someone registers for three events in a single transaction, they will receive three Event Registration system emails.

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