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Conditional Ticket Prices

NeonCRM lets you create different admission fees for your events. These are called Ticket Prices, and can be configured on each event's Event Detail Page. Conditional Ticket Prices allow you to create Ticket Prices that are restricted to certain constituents as defined by a condition that you will be able to set.

Conditional Ticket Groups

Conditional Ticket Groups are a grouping of Conditional Ticket Prices that all share the same condition. To do this, go to Events > Event List and click on the name of your event, then scroll down to the Ticket Prices section and select New Conditional Ticket Group.


The Conditional Ticket Group will serve as a grouping for all of your tickets that meet a particular condition.


This will be a Conditional Ticket Group for conditional tickets for our members. Start Date and End Date allows you to set a date range for when the prices in this Group will be available for purchase online. When you click Submit, your new Conditional Ticket Group will be displayed in the Ticket Prices section.


Note that all you have done so far is create a Group. You still need to create 1) the Conditional Ticket Prices for this group and 2) the condition for this Group.

Note: Your event must have at least one default ticket price before you can create a Conditional Group.

Conditional Ticket Prices

Once you have created your Conditional Ticket Group, you need to define the prices to be offered to the people in this Group. To do this, select New price next to the Group name.


On the next screen, you can set the price that you wish to offer people who meet the condition.


If you have multiple prices that you would like to offer to people who meet the condition, you can add additional prices by clicking Submit and selecting New price next to the Group name. Now your prices will appear as part of this Conditional Ticket Group.


Setting Conditions

Finally, you need to set the condition for who should be offered the prices in this Conditional Ticket Group.  The tickets in your conditional group will not be available to any registrants until you set up the condition that determines which logged-in constituents qualify for the group.  


Note that the only way that Neon can verify if someone meets the condition that you set is if they are logged in using the constituent login portal before attempting to register for your event. More information about the constituent login portal is available here. Once they are logged in, Neon can determine if they meet the condition that you have set, and will offer the Conditional Ticket Prices as appropriate.

To set your condition for this Conditional Ticket Group, select New condition next to the Group name.


The next screen is a Neon reporting screen. This is how you will define the condition for who should be offered the ticket prices in your Conditional Ticket Group. In this case, we want current members to receive the prices in our Conditional Ticket Group called Members Only. First, click Edit.


Select the criteria for the constituents that you want to be eligible for these price(s). In this case, I am going to select:

  • Membership Not Blank
  • Membership Expiration Date Greater Than CurrentDay


Just as in the Reporting Module, select your criteria, click Save changes, then click Run Report. Neon will display the results of everyone who meets this condition as of right now. Note that this condition is dynamically updating, however, so if I have someone join as a member tomorrow, they will receive the prices in my Conditional Ticket Group called Members Only. If someone's membership expires tomorrow, they will no longer meet the criteria and will no longer be offered the prices in the Members Only Conditional Ticket Group.

Click Return to Event Detail Page. In the Ticket Prices area, three new options will appear for your Conditional Ticket Group: 

  • Update condition allows you to change the condition for this group
  • View condition allows you to view the condition that you created for this Group
  • Change the precedence of Conditional Ticket Groups allows you to set an order for your Groups if you have created more than one Conditional Ticket Group. For example, if you have a Group for current members and a Group for current donors, you may have constituents who meet both conditions. The Precedence that you set will determine which set of prices are offered.


Viewing Conditional Ticket Prices Online

As noted above, conditional ticket prices will only be displayed if a constituent is logged in and meets the criteria that you have for a Conditional Ticket Group. If the constituent is logged in and meets the condition that you set, the Conditional Ticket Prices in your defined Group will display instead of the Default prices for your event. In this case, Genevieve logged in and is a current member, so the Members Only prices are displaying.


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