Marking Event Attendance

Marking Event Attendance


Marking Attendance
Reporting on Attendance

Marking Attendance

In NeonCRM, you have the ability to mark who actually attended your events. To do this, go to Events > Event List and select the name of the event that you wish to track attendance for. The following screen will appear.


To track attendance, select Mark Attendance. A list of all of the attendees for this event will appear. To mark them as attended, click the checkbox next to their name. Note that the Registrant Name that is displaying in this screenshot is for the person who made the registrant; the Attendee Names columns on the right of this screen will display the names of the people who planned to attend as part of this registration.


Click Submit and the page will reload. If the Attended? column is one of your selected output columns, it will now say "Yes" for these rows.


Marked attendance can also be viewed on the constituent's account in NeonCRM.


If you've enabled the "Display 'Attended' column on this page" option for the My Registered Event page in the Dropdown Menu, your registrants will be able to see their attendance record in their Constituent Login Portal:


Reporting on Attendance

Several reports in NeonCRM will not only allow you to report on whether someone registered for an event, but also if they attended it. This is useful because it can allow you to communicate separately with people who actually came to your event vs. those who were unable to attend. You can report on this using the criteria called Is Attended, available under the Events tab on several reports, including the Email Audience Report.


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