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Configure Form Fields for a Specific Event
Configure Default Form Fields
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Configure Form Fields for a Specific Event

Event custom fields and standard attendee fields for an event are selected from the Event Detail Page. Click Event Custom Fields to select any system event custom fields you want to use for this event. Adding or removing attendee event custom fields from here will automatically add or remove those fields from the registration form for this particular event. 

Click Set Required for each attendee field to make this required information for all attendees. For registrant fields, you determine the requirement in Step 3 of the web form customization utility.

Display Order of Event Custom Fields:

  • To determine the display order of attendee fields, click Reorder Display Sequence.
  • To determine the display order of registrant fields (aka, non-attendee fields), click Configure Event Registration Form.

After adding the desired fields from the event detail page, you can customize the Event Registration Form.

Under the Event Custom Fields section of the Event Detail Page, click Configure Event Registration Form to customize the registration form for this event. 

This will redirect you to the web form customization utility, and you'll notice that the correct event name is already selected for you. Click Next to continue. 


For system event custom fields that are NOT attendee fields, use the web form customization utility to set the display name and requirement. For attendee fields, these settings are configured when creating the custom field. 

Configure Default Event Registration Form Fields

You can customize the registration form for a specific event or you can customize the default configuration for new events from the form configuration menu in System Settings > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections.

Click Configure Default Form Fields to set the default fields for newly created events. The default configuration only applies to events created after the settings have been changed. 


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