Cancelling Event Registrations

Cancelling Event Registrations

Occasionally, you may have an event registrant who needs to cancel their registration. There are two ways to handle this in NeonCRM: deleting a registration and cancelling a registration. Cancelling an event registration record is typically preferable to permanently deleting that data. You can always go back and delete a cancelled registration if you no longer need to maintain a record of the cancellation. 

Delete a Registration

Deleting an event registration is NOT the same as cancelling an event registration. If you Delete Registration, you will delete the record of the transaction as well as all attendee information.


Cancel a Registration

Cancelling a registration preserves all information collected during the registration process, but removes the attendees from the event. This is generally preferable to deleting the registration, because you keep all of the collected data. The registration must be successful in order to cancel it. Event Registration records with a Pending, Declined, or Deferred payment can be deleted but not cancelled. 

To cancel a registration record, navigate to the registrant's Neon account page and scroll down to the Event Registrations section. Find the event registration record you wish to cancel and click on the row to open it. 


Click on the Cancel Registration button.


This gives you the option to specify the amount you refunded to the registrant, if any. **This does NOT process a refund.** Refunds must be issued by logging into your payment gateway system outside of NeonCRM and processing it there. Instead, a refund note is added to the record. This note states that a refund was given, and displays the amount.


The event registration record will now appear as Cancelled.


If you scroll down, you'll notice that a refund note has been added to the payment information.


After Cancellation

If you navigate back to the Event Detail page, you'll notice that the clickable number, which displays registrants, has changed. Cancelled attendees will not display on this report.


Once you cancel an event registration, you cannot undo this action. However, you can add another payment to change the registration from Cancelled to Succeed .

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