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Event Wait List


Enabling an Event Wait List
Managing an Event Wait List
Registering someone on the Wait List for the event
Reporting on your Event's Wait List


If you have an event that has a maximum number of attendees, you can create an Event Wait List that will allow people to register for the event even after the maximum number of registrations has been reached. This will allow you to track information about other people who want to attend the event and process their registrations as appropriate.

Note: Please be aware that, while you can specify a maximum number of attendees per session, the waiting list feature is only available for the event itself. If a session is full, a constituent cannot add their registration to the wait list for that session.

Enabling an Event Wait List

To enable an Event Wait List, go to Events > Event List and select the event that you wish to create a wait list for. In the Basic Information section, select Edit.

On the next page, in the Event Information section, define a maximum number of attendees for this event in the Maximum Attendees box, then check the Enable Wait Listing box.

If you want to enable the wait list immediately, (all future registrants will be wait-listed) also check the box for Send Ongoing Registrations to Wait List.

Click Submit to save your changes.

Once your defined Maximum Attendees limit has been reached, the event will show as full in NeonCRM and (No Vacancy) will appear next to the register link.

If you select Register, you will be notified that the event is full and be given the option to register the constituent for the Wait List.

On the public registration page, if a constituent attempts to register for this event, they will also be notified the event is now full, but they can be added to a Wait List.

Note that the constituent will not be required to submit payment information when registering for the Wait List. If the event has a registration fee and you choose to remove them from the Wait List and add them as an attendee for the event, you will be responsible for following up with them for payment information.

Managing the Wait List

To view who is currently on the Wait List, go to Events > Event List and select the event with the Wait List. In the Basic Information section, click on the number next to Waiting List.

From here, you can delete people from the Wait List by selecting Del. Alternatively, you can select Register to move the constituent from the Wait List and register them for the event.

Registering a Wait List Constituent

To formally register a Wait List constituent as an registrant for the event, select Register. You will receive a pop-up warning reminding you that you will need to add payment information for this registrant.

Select OK to continue registering this constituent. You will be taken back to the Waiting List screen.

The Wait List constituent has now become an event registrant. Note that NeonCRM now lists that the Waiting List for this event is 1 and there are -1 seats available.

Next, if the event has a registration fee, you must add payment information to the constituent's registration. To do this, go to the event's main page and select the number next to Attendee.

This will display the current list of event registrations. Note that the former Wait List constituent is now listed here, but her registration status is listed as Deferred. This is because she has been registered, but has not yet paid for her registration.

To add payment information to this registration, select the registrant's name. This will take you to the detail page for this event registration. To add payment information, next to Payment Information, click Add.

After clicking Add, you will be taken to the appropriate page to complete the payment. After doing so, Submit to complete the payment, then choose whether to send your registrant the Event Registration Confirmation by email or letter.

After clicking Continue, you will be taken back to the detail page for this event registration. Note that the registration is now listed as Succeed.

This constituent has now successfully been added from the Wait List as a registrant.

Reporting on your Wait List

You can find a list of everyone who is waitlisted for your event on the event's page (as listed above), and in Reports. You can also add your waitlisted registrants to an email audience by running a report in that audience.

To return all accounts on your wait list, use the criteria: Event Registration WaitingList: Equal: Yes


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