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You can charge a single Admission Fee per attendee or you can use Ticket Prices to offer a variety of event registration fees. Ticket Prices can be configured on each event's Event Detail Page and made available on your web registration form, or they can remain accessible to your staff only.

Create Ticket Prices

To create ticket prices, set up your event to offer Multiple ticket prices in Event Settings.


  • Multiple ticket prices, one attendee per ticket - This is best used when you plan to offer tickets of varying price levels, such as VIP tickets or special prices for members. Each attendee still needs their own ticket. 
  • Multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket - This is best used if some ticket levels are for groups like tables or golf foursomes. One ticket can be shared by multiple attendees. 

One attendee per ticket

Find the Ticket Prices section on your event’s detail page. Click on 'New Price'.


This brings up a page where you can configure the details of your Ticket Price.

Price Information: 

  • If your event has sessions, an Event/Session dropdown will appear where you can also apply ticket options to each session.
  • Name your ticket level something (examples: Single, Family, or Youth), and set the Fee.
  • You can specify the Tax-Deductible Percentage of each ticket price. The Tax-Deductible Percentage does not actually split the total event registration amount into a separate donation record. When you designate a tax-deductible percentage of a Ticket Price(s), Neon will calculate the total tax-deductible amount of each registration total. This amount is an available email token which can be viewed in event reports and does not include a deductible amount for any additional donations made when completing the event registration.  
  • You can specify the Maximum Attendees number of tickets at this level. Once the maximum number of these tickets are sold, they will become unavailable for front-end registrations. Once a ticket price is sold out, or fewer than 10 tickets remain, the registrant will see this on the attendee page. 


  • Use the checkbox to specify whether this ticket price is available online using the online registration form. If unchecked, this Ticket Price will only be available to staff users, who can access it from within NeonCRM.


When you click Submit, it adds your prices to the list. The ticket is now available as an option.


With multiple Ticket Prices defined, you can edit the order they’re listed on the registration form by clicking Display sequence.


This changes the order of the Ticket Prices both here and on your online registration form.  You can click and drag the tickets into the order you want them, and then click Submit when you’re done.


Multiple Attendees Per Ticket (Group Tickets)

In your event's financial settings, choose Multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket

Note: The "Attendee # per Registration" setting specifies the maximum number of tickets one registrant can purchase at a time; it does not specify how many attendees will be admitted per ticket.


Find the Ticket Prices section on your event’s detail page. Click on 'New Price'.


Tickets prices that are shared by multiple attendees are set up similarly to tickets that allow only one attendee, except here you can specify the number of attendees per ticket that this ticket level covers.

For example, one VIP ticket could now admit two attendees, or one Table Sponsorship could admit ten:

These group tickets also allow a space for a description of what this ticket level includes. This will be visible on the front-end registration form as a way for your registrants to decide which ticket level to purchase.

If you would also like to include a ticket for single admission, be sure add a ticket price that allows exactly 1 attendee.

Note: The financial settings of an event cannot be changed from "multiple ticket prices, one attendee per ticket" to "multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket" (or vice versa) if ticket prices have already been made for your event. Also, if there is an event registration for your event, this setting cannot be changed.

Conditional Ticket Prices

Conditional Tickets allow you to create Ticket Prices that are restricted to certain constituents. You can create a Conditional Ticket Group to create a set of restrictions for a ticket price. A full guide on conditional ticket prices is available here.

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