Events - An Overview

Creating & Managing Events

NeonCRM’s Events module provides a rich toolset for creating and managing events and event registrations. You can use NEON to create a page on your website for an event, which can also include an online registration form and accept online credit card payments for registration fees. You can create complex event configurations, like creating breakout sessions within your event or providing multiple ticket prices. When a constituent attends an event, a record of their attendance shows up on their record. 

The strength of using NeonCRM’s events module over a third-party service is that you get to take advantage of NeonCRM’s core CRM and see all of your event data in the same place as all of your other constituent data.

Creating and configuring Events

1. Create the event in NeonCRM.

First, you will create a record for the event. This will include basic information such as the name of the event, location, date, and description.

2. Configure your event details.

After the basic information has been entered, you can begin to access the advanced event features. These include:

 3. Publicize your event.

How you do this part is up to you. Each event in NeonCRM can have its own Web Links, including a web page and a registration form. The links are provided at the top of an event’s detail page. Distribute these in emails and link to them from your website.

4. Add registrants and attendees.

You can register constituents for an event in two ways:

  • They can register themselves through the NeonCRM web form
  • Your staff can register them from within NeonCRM

5. Host your event!

6. Use the information.

Once you’ve collected event data, that information is permanently stored in NeonCRM. You can use Event Reports to compare past events against each other, find everyone who attended a particular event, or even generate name badges for your attendees.

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