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Executive Reports


Effectiveness Over Time Report
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Executive Reports are a way to see summaries of your NeonCRM data.

Unlike other reports in NeonCRM, these reports:

  • Calculate totals rather than listing each account or transaction.
  • Run once to capture a moment in time, and do not automatically update. 
  • Allow configuration of Scope and Output, rather than Criteria and Columns. 
  • Take longer to run, so they calculate in the background and will provide a notification when the report is ready. (Make sure your system user account has an email address if you would like to receive a notification by email.)

This type of report can be found in Reports / Executive Reports.

Effectiveness Over Time Report

This report summarizes key metrics for your Donations, Events, Memberships, and/or Store Purchases, which you can group and compare by week, month, or year. 


A start date and end date are required before you can run the report. In addition to setting the date range in scope, you can also choose whether to narrow down your results to a certain campaign, fund, or purpose during this time period. 

If you are reporting on donations, you can choose to exclude in-kind gifts from the calculated data.



In the output for this report, you can choose which type of transaction statistics to view, as well as how these numbers should be broken down by time period. At least one transaction type is required before you can run the report.  


Click Run Report when you are ready. This report may take some time to run, so it will calculate in the background until it is ready. Once the report is finished you will see a notification at the top of your screen that looks like this.


Navigate to the report, and you will see your statistics over time for that period.

Donation and Pledge Payments have statistics about:

  • All Donors
  • Retained Donors - Donors who gave last year and again this year.
  • New Donors - have never donated to your organization before.
  • Reactivated Donors - Donors who gave two years ago and gave this year, but not last year.


Event Information shows Event Registration Transactions, Event Ticket Sales, and Event Attendance during each time period.


Membership Statistics count Membership Transactions based on purchase date during this period as well as Membership Terms that started and ended.


Store Information includes products that were included in store orders, as well as any donations, memberships or event registrations that were collected through your online store.

Note: If you are receiving donations, memberships, or event registrations through your store, these items will be included in both store totals and donation/membership/event totals. 


Income Analysis Report

This report summarizes how much income came into your organization over a certain period of time (or all time), and what kind of transaction it was. This report is also the best place to see summaries by Giving Level.


For the scope of the Income Analysis Report, you can choose between summarizing transactions within a specific date range, or transactions over all time. 

Please note, this report will not automatically update with newly entered transactions after it is run, so you may not want to search for future dates.



You can choose output columns for this report based on how you need your transactions to be segmented.

For example, for accounting purposes, you may want to include expected pledges in your report totals, while for reconciliation with a banking account, you might prefer to see the actual pledge payments that have  been made. 


Click Run Report when you are ready. This report may take some time to run, so it will calculate in the background until it is ready. Once the report is finished you will see a notification at the top of your screen that looks like this.


Navigate to the report, and you will see your total number or transactions and revenue for that period.


View Previously Run Reports

Once a report has been run, it becomes available to view in the Past Executive Reports table found on the Executive Report page: Reports / Executive Reports along with all previous executive reports that have been run. 


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    Acasia Flores

    It would be great if we could filter this report by campaign.  We have a lot of inactive campaigns and our report ends up as a long list of useless information and we have to copy and paste what we actually want to see in the report.  

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