Date Ranges and Dynamic Dates

Date Ranges and Dynamic Dates


Date Ranges
Dynamic Dates
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Date Ranges

When searching on a date field (e.g., Account Created Date, Last Donation Date, Event Registration Date, Membership Enrollment Date, etc.) , use the Advanced operator to specify a date range. 

Selecting the Advanced operator will allows you to choose multiple operators (e.g., Greater & Equal, Less & Equal, Greater Than, Less Than) which can combine to be start and end dates for your date range. 


Example: searching for donations within a specific date range

For example, to run a report on all donations made within a date range, first go to Reports > New Report > Donation > Donation Detail Report.


On the Search Criteria screen, select the Donation tab. To search for donations made within a certain date range, for the Donation Date criterion, select Advanced... from the operator drop-down menu. A criterion will appear below where you can add your first date. 


For a date range, you will want two criteria, so click Add Advanced Criterion to add another. 


In this example we are looking for donations made in the first three months of 2015, so our first date is 01/01/2015 and our last date is 03/31/2015. Note that dates need to be in MM/DD/YYYY format. (Choosing a date from the calendar dropdown will format it this way automatically.)


If you have any further criteria, you can add it now, or click Save Changes and then Run Report. If you save this report, the results will update appropriately every time you run the report. A full guide on saving reports is available here.

Dynamic Dates

Many criteria include dynamic date options called Custom date choices. These dynamic date options are available with the following search operators: Equal/Not Equal, Less Than/Greater Than, Less & Equal/Greater & Equal. 


Below is a list of all Custom date options. These update every day, so they will always stay current.


In this example, I want to run and save a report that will show me every membership that ends in the future. I want the report to automatically update the day's date for me so that I don't need to change it every day. To report on this data, I will need to use Dynamic Date options using the Membership Reports at Reports > New Report > Membership > Membership Report.


On the Search Criteria screen, select the Membership category to find Membership Expiration Date.

To search for memberships that end after today, click on the text entry area in the Membership Expiration Date criterion. A calendar will pop up where you can make a date selection. Instead of choosing a static date from the calendar, choose Custom date choices.

custom_date_choice.png  current_day.png

Click on your preferred dynamic date option. In this case I chose Current Day to see all memberships that will expire at a future date. If you need something more specific than the options allow, enter a number into the Past __ Days and click Select.

If you save this report, the results will update appropriately every time you run the report. A full guide on saving reports is available here.

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