Basic Reporting Procedure

Running a new report is essentially a three-step process:

1. Choose a report

Choosing the right kind of report is very important to compiling the data you need.


2. Filter for the results you want to see.

Click Edit under Search Criteria to filter the constituent data you want to see in your report results.

Click Add Criterion for each criteria, then Save Changes.

All_Accounts_Screen.png email_search_criteria.png

3. Add in the data columns you want to see.

Once you've loaded the search criteria to specify the constituents you want to report on, then you’ll select data fields to view in the report. Edit Output Columns to choose the information about the constituents that you want to see. 


After you have your report configured the way you want it, you can click the "Run Report" button to see your search results.



After you have run your report, you can export it to Excel and CSV or use it in a Mail Merge.


Training Video:

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