Searching within a Subset

Exclude From Results and Search Within Results

Exclude from Results and Search Within Results allow you to run advanced reports that show a set of criteria within a second set of criteria.

Exclude From Results

Imagine that your organization has a membership system, and also takes donations. You'd like to find a list of members who have never made a donation.


This type of information requires using the Exclude From Results, because you're looking within a subset (members only) of your total constituency. This is how NeonCRM performs this search:

  1. Add criteria to find all constituents within the database who have had a membership.
  2. Search within that group of members to exclude all people who have made a donation at some point in time.


Here is a walk-through of how to perform the search that was discussed in the example above.

In our example, we'll use an All Accounts report (a good general-purpose report). Navigate to: Reports Tab > New Report > All Accounts Report

Since I want to find all the people who are members, but have not donated, I first need to Edit the criteria to find the members. I'll add a criterion for Membership = Not Blank.


Next, I can Exclude From Results.

This adds a search criteria section where we can add another filter to our search. 

Results that match this Exclusionary Group criteria will be subtracted from the final results. Example: (Results from Search Group #1) + (Results from Search Group #2) - (Results from Exclusionary Group) = Final Results

To filter out donors from my search results, I'll set my Donation Date = Blank to this excluded group.


Click Save Changes, to display the final results for your report.


How to Search Within Results

Searching within results works similarly to Exclude From Results in that it applies additional criteria to the initial search group(s).

For example, maybe you would like to search for everyone who has an Individual Type of Board Member who ALSO has an individual type of Volunteer. The same criteria cannot be added twice within the same group, and searching IN RANGE OF will list all Volunteers and Board members.

Instead, you can search for one within the other by using Search Within Results so that all accounts in the results meet both criteria.



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