How can I see donors' totals by year?

Our reporting module gives you the ability, via a Donor Report, to:

  • Sum the total donations for each constituent into a yearly total for either the calendar or fiscal year, from 2007 to the present year.
  • Sum all the donations they have ever given
  • Sum the number of times they have given in a calendar or fiscal year
  • Sum the number of times they have ever given

Running Reports with Totals

If you're looking for donor totals, your best bet is to run a Donor Report. Navigate to: Report Tab > New Report > Donor Report

When the Donor Report summary page loads, you will see some of the above columns are already selected by default. To change which columns are selected, click Edit under the Output Columns.


This tool lets you choose which data fields are included in your report results. From here, you can add in the any of the totaled columns you need. The left column shows the available data fields. The right column shows which ones will be included in your report. Click Save Changes.


Check that your criteria is correct and Run Report.

Your new report will show the columns you have selected.


Other Totaled Columns

For each year (2007 and on), both calendar and fiscal,  these totals columns are available:
  • Donation Count (number of donations)
  • Donation Amount (total $ of donations)
  • Membership Amount (total $ of membership fees)
  • Membership Count (number of membership transactions)
  • Order Amount (total $ of Store purchases)
  • Order Count (number of Store orders made)
  • Pledge Amount (total $ of pledges made)
  • Pledge Count (number of pledges made)
  • Registration Amount (total $ of event registrations)
  • Registration Count (number of events registered for)
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