Account Flags: Do Not Contact & Deceased

NeonCRM account flags allow you to easily identify constituents that should be excluded from your organization's mailings. The Do Not Contact and Deceased account flags can be added and removed by System Users.

Do Not Contact can be used in a couple of different ways:

  1. To flag those who do not want to receive any form of communication from your organization.
  2. To flag those who do not want to receive physical mailings.
Note: Account Flags do not automatically prevent System Emails from being sent.

Upon adding the Do Not Contact flag, you have the option to also opt-out their email address(es). However, this is not required. If you want to identify an account as someone who wishes to be contacted by email but NOT receive and physical mailings, then you can use the Do Not Contact flag to accomplish this. 

When adding a new account or editing an existing one, you can find these flags under the Account Flags section at the top-right of the edit page. 


If you check the Do Not Contact box, you will be prompted to choose whether or not to opt-out the email addresses for this account as well. While you can choose to also opt-out the email address(es) on an account when adding the Do Not Contact flag, you do not have to do so. **You will see the prompt and the changes will go into effect after you have saved your changes on the account**


Once added, flags are displayed in red at the above the contact information on an account page as shown in the example below.


Flagged account can easily be excluded from reports by loading the below search criteria:

  • Deceased is Not Equal to "Yes"
  • AND Do Not Contact is Not Equal to "Yes"

You'll notice that the Mailing Report excludes these flagged accounts by default, as shown below.  


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