The Solicitors List
Adding a Solicitor
Crediting a Solicitor
A note about Prospect records
Viewing Solicited Transactions
Reporting on Solicitors
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The Solicitors List

Your Solicitors List is managed in System Settings > System Settings Home > Solicitors

This shows you a list of all accounts that can be used as Solicitors. Only individual accounts and System User accounts can be Solicitors.

Adding a Solicitor

To add a new Solicitor to this list, click the Add button for the appropriate type of account.


Search for them by name, then click their name to add them to this list.


Once a Solicitor has been added to the list, they are available for inclusion on certain transactions and records (Donations, Pledges, Event Registrations, and Prospects) in Neon.


Removing a Solicitor

On the Solicitors list, click Remove next to the name of a solicitor. This will also remove all entries of this solicitor from all existing transactions. You will be deleting historical data.

Crediting a Solicitor 

The Solicitor field is available for the following record types:

  • Donations
  • Pledges
  • Event Registrations
  • Prospects

When creating or editing one of these records, use the drop-down menu to add a Solicitor.


A note about Prospect records

On Prospect records, the System User and Solicitor fields may seem to be redundant. The System User drop-down menu will contain only System Users. The Solicitor drop-down menu will contain anyone who you have defined as a Solicitor, which could include both System Users and individual accounts.

Most functions related to the Prospects feature (such as viewing Prospects) are based upon the System User field. We encourage using the System User field first and using the Solicitor field only as needed. Thus, if you want to note that a System User is involved with the prospect, you should select that System User from the System User drop-down menu, not the Solicitor menu.


Viewing Solicited Transactions

Solicited transaction information appears in three places; the Transaction Summary page, the Account Detail page, and through reports.

Transaction Summary Page

When you view a transaction, you can see basic information about the solicitor as well as a link to their account page.


Account Detail Page

A new section has been added to Account Detail pages. All transactions for which an account has been credited as Solicitor will appear here. This section displays Donations, Pledges, and Event Registrations. Prospects do not display in this section.


Viewing Solicited Transactions for System Users

System User accounts are a special type of account in Neon and are not as easily found as Individual and Organization Accounts. You can view a list of transactions solicited by your System Users by navigating to your Solicitors list (System Settings > System Settings Home > Account Settings > View Solicitors). On this list, click on the name of a System User. This will display an abridged version of the normal Account page, which will include the Solicited Transactions section.

Reporting on Solicitors

Solicitor is a property of a transaction, so it is available as a searchable criterion and output column in:

  • Donation Detail Reports
  • Event Registration Reports

Limitations of Reporting on Solicitors

There are a couple of known limitations to reporting on Solicitors:

  • There is no method to report on whether or not somebody is a Solicitor. To determine this, you must view the Solicitors List at System Settings > System Settings Home > Account Settings > View Solicitors.
  • Solicitor is not available in Transaction reports, because each row can contain multiple items.
  • There is no method to summarize Solicited Transaction information for a given Solicitor in a report. This summary information is only available on the Account Detail page.

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