Finding Duplicates, Converting, and Deleting Accounts


Guidelines for Finding Duplicates, Converting, and Deleting Accounts
Finding Duplicates
Deleting Accounts
Deleting an account with transactions & relationships (super delete)
Converting Accounts
Converting Contact Records
Removing the Organization Primary Contact
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Guidelines for Finding Duplicates, Converting, and Deleting Accounts

When you are consolidating accounts in NeonCRM, please be aware that:

  • You cannot convert an account if that individual is a volunteer, a social fundraiser, or if they have a household or employment history.
  • You cannot convert an organization account whose primary contact has their own individual account.
  • You cannot delete an account that has account relationships (households or contacts/employment history).
  • If you delete an account that has any social fundraising pages, those pages will also be deleted. Any donations or event registrations that were credited to the social fundraiser will not be deleted, but the social fundraiser credit will be removed.
  • You cannot merge an account into an account that is a Solicitor. The Solicitor account must be the Main Account.
  • You cannot merge an account into another account while the constituent is logged in. You must cancel the merge or choose the logged-in account as the Main account.
  • If a constituent creates a duplicate account from an online payment form and the payment is declined, there will be a 5-minute waiting period after account creation in which you will not be able to merge the new duplicate with an existing account, to give the constituent time to re-attempt payment.

Find Duplicates

When viewing a Neon account, you can search for duplicates by clicking the Find Duplicate button at the top-right of the page.

Duplicates will display in two groups: general/overall duplicates and related accounts.


Related Accounts are accounts with matching contact information that belong to the same household or are contacts in the same organization. You can merge these or mark them as Not Duplicates separately from the regular group.

Deleting Accounts

To delete a Neon account, navigate to that account page and click Edit. Delete Account will appear in red as the last option.

NeonCRM prevents you from deleting an account if it has any Account Relations or if they belong to a Household.

When you try to delete an account that has at least one relationship, you will be taken to a page that shows you why the deletion as unsuccessful, as shown in the example below.

When you see a message like the above example, you can do either of the following:

  • Click Delete All to remove all relationships immediately and delete the account; or
  • Click Return to go back to the account page. From here, you can review the relationships and delete them manually if you still wish to do this. Once you have removed all relationships, you will be able to delete the account itself.

Deleting an account with transactions & relationships (super delete)

If you want to delete an account and all transactions on that account, you are able to do so by following the steps below. There are multiple steps involved to protect users from any errant deletion of accounts, plus administrators will be able to see which staff user deleted an account using the Action Log.

Upon clicking the Delete button at the top of the account page, you will get an alert message. Are you sure you want to delete this account? Click OK.

The Deletion Error page will show you the transaction data on this account that will also be deleted if you continue with the account deletion.


Clicking the Delete All button will open a confirmation pop-up window


Type DELETE into the space provided then click the Delete Account button


If your deletion is successful, you'll see the confirmation message below.


Converting Accounts

System users can click the Edit dropdown button and select Convert to Organization to change an Individual account to an Organization account.

If you see that "Convert to Organization" on an Individual account is grayed out, hover to get a tooltip indicating why this action cannot be completed, as shown in the example below.

To proceed with the conversion, remove any linked accounts and delete any assigned projects or social fundraising pages that appear under the following account sections:

  1. Household Contacts
  2. Projects & Time Sheets
  3. Social Fundraising
  4. Employment History

Similarly, click Convert Account on an Organization account to convert it to an individual account.

If the organization has more than one contact...

zd_org_contacts.jpg Individual account will be created for each contact on the list.


Organizations cannot be converted if their primary contact is already linked to an individual account. You will instead receive the following tooltip:

To proceed with the conversion, you must change the primary contact, as detailed in the next section of this guide.

Converting Contact Records

System users can click the Convert to Individual Account button to change a Contact Record (of a Household or an Organization) to an Individual Account. This button appears at the top of a contact record page (contacts that do not have their own individual accounts), as shown below. This button will not appear if the contact lacks a first and last name.

Removing the Organization Primary Contact

If the organization primary contact is an Individual Account, then you will need to remove the link between the two Neon accounts in order to merge, convert, or delete. To do this, you can set an Organization Contact Record (which is NOT a Neon account) as the primary contact.

If the primary contact is an individual Neon account, then you can use the following process to remove that relationship. To remove the Primary Contact in order to convert, merge or delete an Organization account, you can create a new blank organization contact record and set it as the Primary contact.

First click "New Contact"

Enter the information for this new contact. You can leave these fields blank if you wish.


Now you can set the blank contact as the Primary contact.

Once you set the new primary contact, you can remove the relationship with the individual account.

If the contact you wish to remove is a sub-member in the organization's Group Membership, you will see a warning that this contact's membership will be terminated.

If the contact you wish to remove is associated with any of the transactions on the organization's account, you will receive a notice when you try to remove it.

If you click Return, you will return to the organization account without deleting the contact.

If you click Proceed, you will see the following notice:

Clicking "Ok" on this message will remove the contact relationship from the organization's account, transferring any transactions previously associated with that contact to the new primary contact.

After the relationship is deleted, you will now have the opportunity to convert and merge the two accounts.


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