Congressional Districts

NeonCRM has connected with the US Census's database of congressional district data. This utility allows you to append congressional districts to the accounts in your NeonCRM system. You can include:

  • Federal Congressional District
  • State Upper House (Senate) District
  • State Lower House (House) District

These districts are assigned based on the five-digit ZIP code. The data source uses Zip Code Tabulation Areas. As will become obvious with use, five-digit ZIP codes do not line up very accurately with congressional districts, particularly with state-level districts. This utility presents you with all possible district options for each given ZIP code. Because of this inaccuracy, we do not recommend that these districts be used as a basis for physical mailings. For more information about where this data came from, refer to this US Census article or this US Census page.

Enabling Congressional Districts

Navigate to System Settings > System Settings Home > Accounts > Properties > Congressional Districts

To enable this feature, simply click the checkbox next to Enable Congressional Districts and click Save. You may need to log out of NeonCRM and log back in to see the changes.


Adding District Data to Accounts

There are three ways to add congressional district data to accounts.

Appending data to your entire database

If you have existing accounts in NeonCRM, you can add the district data to everyone's accounts at the same time by clicking Append Congressional Districts to Existing Accounts. Depending on the number of people in your NeonCRM system, this may take some time to complete.


Importing New Data

If you use NeonCRM's Import Manager tool to import new accounts, congressional districts will be added to accounts, assuming they have a ZIP code.

Creating New Accounts

Districts data will be added to an account when you enter a ZIP code.


A pop-up window will present the possible districts for this ZIP code. Check the districts applicable and click Populate


 The districts will be added to their respective fields.


Account Page

The districts will appear under Address an Account Detail page like this:

If you want to track districts for reporting, but do not want to see them on an account page, navigate to Page Settings > Show/Hide Fields on an accounts page. Here, you can mark these fields as hidden when viewing an account.



District Data is available as both search criteria and output columns in the following reports:

  • Mailing Report
  • All Accounts Report
  • Household Report
  • Email Report
  • Build Email Audiences

Search Criteria for Congressional Districts

Search for anybody in a given district by choosing the operator Equal and entering the district number. This will return anybody who is located in this district, including people whose records have multiple districts.


Search for people within a number of districts by using the operator In Range Of and entering the district numbers, separated by commas.


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