Action Log

Action Log

The Action Log is way for System Users to track certain actions performed in NeonCRM. 

To access the Action Log,  go to My Account > Action Log, or click on the link that appears at the top of NeonCRM as shown below.

By default, the action log will load your system user account.


You can set the System User drop down to blank then click search in order to view a complete action list.


You can filter the actions in various ways:

  • System User - displays action by only one System User
  • Action Type - displays actions of a certain type, such as Store Order, Register Event, Donation, or Account Maintenance
  • Operation - displays actions by the operations of Create, Edit, or Delete
  • From/To - allows you to define a date range for actions to be displayed
  • Account Name / ID- allows you to search accounts, active or deleted, by Account Name or ID

Action Types recorded in the log include; Account Maintenance, Bulk Operation, Donation, Join Membership, Pledge, Recurring Donation, Register Event, Renew Membership, Store Order, and Super Delete (this is when you delete an account and all its transactions at the same time). 


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