Creating Printed Receipts

Creating Printed Receipts

NeonCRM allows you to generate printable PDF receipts of any combination of a constituent’s transactions. These could include donations, membership registrations, event registrations, and store purchases.

To create a receipt, go to an account. In the Receipts section, click New Receipt.


From this list, select the transactions you’d like to add to the receipt. Click Add Selected Items.

From here, you can add a customer message and internal memo to this receipt. The customer message will display on the receipt, whereas the internal memo will not. Click Submit.

From this page, review the receipt and click Print when ready.

Once you choose to print the receipt, you cannot modify it later.

You'll see that a PDF of the receipt has begun to download. It will look something like this:

You can print the receipt from your PDF reader.

Back on the account page, you'll now see a record of that receipt. You can print this receipt again if you like, or void it.

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