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Page Settings

Each System User can customize the sections and fields that appear on Individual and Organization account pages. This setting is unique to each system user. Your selection will determine what information is available and the order in which it appears on the page and in the Jump to menu.

If you configure this setting from an Individual Account, the layout you choose will apply to all Individual Accounts. Likewise, configuring from an Organization Account page will affect all Organization Account pages.


Show/Hide Sections

From an account page, click the Page Settings link then select Show/Hide Sections.


The left column, System Available Sections, shows sections that are available, but hidden from view. The right column, My Selected Section, shows all the sections that are displayed on the account page.

To change sections from hidden to displayed, or vice versa, click on a section (i.e. “Activities” or “Donations”) and use the left and right arrow buttons located in the between the two columns.

To change the order of the sections displayed on the account page, click on a section and use the up and down arrows. The sections will load in the order in which they appear, so we suggest you place your most important content sections at the top of the page. 


Show/Hide Fields

From an account page, click the Page Settings link, then select Show/Hide Fields.


The next page will display all Standard and Custom fields in the order that they appear on an account. The left column in each section determines whether the field is shown on the account details page, and the right column in each section determines whether the field is available when creating or editing an account.

You may find this is helpful for "archiving" fields you no longer use or do not need to see every time you load an account page. These changes are universal per system user for every Individual or Organization account.


Tip - Reordering

If you wish to change the order that the custom fields appear, System Administrators can regroup and reorder them in System Settings > System Settings Home > Custom Fields. Read more about reordering custom fields here. 

The order of Standard Fields cannot be adjusted.

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