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Basic Rules Of In-Kind Donations
Creating In-Kind Donations
Adding Soft Credits To In-Kind Donations
Reporting On In-Kind Donations
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Basic Rules Of In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are the donation of a physical good to an organization. For tax purposes, the fair market value of the donation should not be counted as donation income, and must be tracked in a separate field.

  • An in-kind donation's Amount is always $0.00. The value of the donation should be tracked using the Fair Market Value field.
  • An in-kind donation must be entered by a system user; it cannot be created from an online form.
  • An in-kind donation is a one-time donation, it cannot be recurring.
  • An in-kind donation cannot be split.
Note: The In-Kind tender type is only available for donations. Membership fees, event registration fees, and store purchases cannot be paid for with in-kind gifts.

Creating In-Kind Donations

Navigate to Fundraising > Add Donation. Check the toggle to change the donation to In-Kind.

When selected, the Amount field becomes no longer required. If you do enter an amount, it will be transferred to the Fair Market Value field on the next page.

On the Payment Method screen, you will see that the tender type In-Kind is selected and disabled. If you need to select a different tender type, click the Back button and turn off the In-Kind Donation toggle.

On the payment page, the Amount field will be set at $0.00. You can enter a Fair Market Value for this donation. Click Submit Payment.

On the donor's Account Detail Page, you will see the record of a donation with an amount of $0.00, a status of SUCCEED, and a note that indicates the fair market value of the donation.

Adding Soft Credits To In-Kind Donations

It is possible to add a Soft Credit to an in-kind donation by clicking Add Soft Credit.

The added Soft Credit Amount will be applied or calculated based on the Fair Market Value of the donation, rather than the Amount.

Reporting On In-Kind Donations

The Fair Market Value field is available as a Search Criterion in the following reports:

  • Mailing Report
  • All Accounts Report
  • Email Audience Report

This field is available as both a Search Criterion and an Output Column in the following reports:

  • Donation Detail Report
  • Honor/Memory Donations Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Payment Report
Tip: Use the below criteria in a Donation Report for donations with a Fair Market Value and a Tender Type: Equal In-Kind.


System Emails & Letters

<<Fair Market Value>> is an available token for Donation Appreciation System Emails & Letters. Additionally, Email Conditions can be made with the In-Kind Tender Type.

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