Honor/Memory List


Honor/Memory List
Adding a New Honor/Memory Person
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Honor/Memory List

Your Honor/Memory List is found here: Fundraising > Honor/Memory

From here, you can view and edit existing Honorees and also add new ones. The H/M column tells you if this donations are designated as in Honor or in Memory of each person. You can also see the total donation amount made in Honor/Memory of each individual as well as the number of donations.


Search for Honorees by name or filter the list by Last Name by clicking on the letters at the bottom of the list.

To view the details of an Honoree, click on the row.


Clicking on a record takes you to the Honor/Memory details page where you can view the donations made in Honor/Memory of this person.


Adding a New Honor/Memory Person

Navigate to: Fundraising tab > Honor/Memory then click the New H/M button to add a person to your list of Honorees. This does NOT create a Neon account. 


Enter the First Name, Last Name and also select specify the Type (Honor or Memory).  


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