Social Fundraising Donation Form

Social Fundraising Donation Form


Social Fundraising Donation Form
Fundraiser Donation Form Fields
Including Address Fields on a Social Fundraising Donation Form
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Social Fundraising Campaigns do not use your Standard Donation Form. Instead, NeonCRM directs donors to a simplified donation form designed specifically for social fundraising. 

An example Social Fundraising Donation Form is shown below:


Fundraiser Donation Form Fields

The Fundraiser Donation Form automatically comes with contact fields for the Donor's  First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Donation Amount

This is a free-entry donation amount field. 

Donation Message (Social Fundraiser Comment)

The Donation Message feeds into the the Social Fundraiser Comment field on the back-end. Text entered here will appear under the supporter comments at the bottom of the fundraising campaign page on the front end. 

Note:The donor's First and Last Name, Donation Amount & Date, and Donation Message will display under the list of Supporters on the Social Fundraising Campaign Page, as shown below, unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous. 

In Honor/Memory 

Donations to a social fundraising campaign can be made in honor/memory of someone. However, the "honor/memory type" field cannot be added to social fundraising donation forms.

Anonymous Donation

Donors can choose to remain anonymous. This hides their name & donation message (comment) from the list of supporters displayed at the bottom of the social fundraising campaign page.

Note: If a donor checks the option to remain anonymous, it is not possible to change this later. The donor's name and comment cannot be displayed on the front end even if a system user edits the anonymous option on the donation record.

Send me email updates from [Your Organization Name] 

You can update the Organization Name field that displays on this page here: System Settings tab > Organization Profile.   

This option is checked by default and authorizes your organization to contact the donor via email.

Note: If this option is un-checked, then the "Email 1" field on the donor's Neon account will be flagged as "Opted out by the constituent".


Including Address Fields on a Social Fundraising Donation Form

While on a social fundraising campaign detail page, you can click the Social Fundraising Settings button to enable or disable various features for that campaign.


You can choose to collect more detailed personal information on your social fundraising donation forms by selecting "Enable collection of donor address on social fundraising donation pages" box. Here, you can choose which fields to display and which to make required. You cannot re-label these fields, nor can you change the order in which they appear.


Payment Methods

The payment method section appears at the bottom of the Fundraiser Donation Form. 

This is your Public Access Credit Card payment page, which is the same payment form used for all online transactions. The fields available here are configured using the web form customization utility.  

Note:If you have the Alternate Payment option enabled on your Credit Card payment page, this field will NOT be available when donating to a social fundraising campaign.

Exit Page

After submitting a donation to a social fundraising campaign, the donor is redirected back to the fundraising campaign page where they see a thank you message, as shown below:


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