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Grants can be used to track the process of researching, applying to, soliciting, and receiving grants. Using the Grants feature, you can attach relevant documents, track status, and create activities for the steps necessary to manage the grant process.

Viewing Grants

There are several ways to view your grants. The main Grants dashboard can be found by navigating to Fundraising > Grants.

From this page, you can filter the list of grants by nearly any data field. Select your options from the drop-down menus and click Search. Click on the column headers to sort the results.


Creating Grants

When you create a grant, you are creating a record used to track a process. NeonCRM will create a record of the grant on the grant maker's record. From the Grant dashboard, or from the grant maker's record, click New Grant.


  • System User – This is the NeonCRM staff user to whom the grant is assigned.
  • Client – This is the grant maker. Use the magnifying glass icon to search your database for accounts.
  • Status – This is the status of the progress of the grant.
  • Custom Status – Like Status, this is an indicator of progress. You can change the values of this field in System Settings > System Settings Home > Contact Activity > Edit Grant Custom Status. Learn more about setting up Grant Custom Status.
  • Due Date – This is the date the grant submission is due.
  • Ask Amount – The amount you intend to ask for.
  • Funded Date – If the grant is successively funded, this is the date of the transaction.
  • Funded Amount – If the grant is successfully funded, this is the amount received.
  • Campaign – The NeonCRM Campaign this grant should be attributed to. Learn about setting up Campaigns.
  • Purpose – The NeonCRM Purpose this grant should be attributed to. Learn about setting up Purposes.
  • Created/Updated – This is a record of which staff user has created the prospect and who was the last person to update it.
  • Note – This field is for adding any additional relevant information to this grant.

Grant Attachments

You can attach a file to a grant. This file will remain with the grant, and can be accessed by staff users only. Click Browse to select a file, then click Upload to attach it.


Working with Grants

The Grant record can be accessed from either the Grants dashboard or from the client's account page. From the Grant record, you can add activities and update the status of the grant.


Reporting on Grants

The "Grant" search category, criteria, and output columns are available in the below account based reports.

  • Mailing Report
  • All Accounts Report
  • Stats Report



A limited selection of output columns only is available in the Activity Report.

Ready to take it to the next level?

Click here to learn more about advanced grant management.

Configuring Grant Settings

Learn more about configuring grant settings here.

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