Managing Pending & Declined (Failed) Transactions

Failed Transactions 

To view a combined list of all your Pending & Declined transactions, navigate here:

Account Home/Dashboard > To Do List > Failed Transactions


This will take your list of failed (Pending or Declined) payments. The Pending & Declined Payments list will display all transaction types (i.e., Donations, Event Registrations, Membership Registrations, and Store Purchases) that have a Declined or Pending status. 

Click on the row open a declined or pending payment in the list. 


For declined transactions, you can hover your mouse over the status to see the error message from your gateway provider telling you why the credit card or e-check was declined, as shown in the example below. 


Once you click on any transaction, you will be taken to the Shopping Cart Detail page.

From here, you have three options:

  1. Retry the transaction. You can Retry transactions to re-process the credit card. It is good to check with the constituent prior to retrying the payment.
  2. Cancel the transaction. Click Cancel to keep the record of the transaction in your system and remove it from the list of Pending Payments.
  3. Delete the transaction. Click on the Delete button at the top of the page to permanently remove this record from your system.


You can also retry the failed payment directly from the Pending Payment list.

Click Retry under the Action column to re-send the payment to your gateway provider for processing. 


If the payment is declined, you will see the declined error message.

Click Edit Payment Details to view and edit the credit card or e-check information.


Make the necessary changes to the payment information from the Gateway Payment page then you have two options: 

  1. To re-send the payment to your gateway provider to be processed, click the 'Process' button.
  2. To update the payment information on this page without re-sending it to your Gateway for processing, simply click 'Submit' to save your changes. 


You must click Process in order to re-send the declined payment to your gateway.


**Please be aware that a credit card or e-check payment is processed by your gateway provider and so changing the Transaction Status from the drop down field on this page will have no effect on the status of the payment itself, which is processed and stored by your gateway vendor outside of Neon. Changing the status from Declined to Approved will not re-try the payment.

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