Managing Incomplete Transactions


Finding Your Incomplete Transaction List
Managing Incomplete Transactions
Retrying Declined Payments
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Incomplete Transactions

In NeonCRM, an "incomplete" transaction is one that has a status of Pending, Declined, or Errored. These could be for the following reasons:


  • The amount paid is less than the amount owed
  • An offline payment was recorded with a status of Pending


  • An online payment (credit card or e-check) was declined through your Payment Gateway


  • An online payment (credit card or e-check) was declined through Neon Payment Processing
  • There was an error in transmission when attempting to process a payment through your Payment Gateway

Finding Your Incomplete Transaction List

The easiest way to view and access these transactions is through the Incomplete Transactions widget on your Admin Dashboard:


Click View Transactions to see the detailed list.


Alternatively, you can navigate here:

Account Home/Dashboard > To Do List > Failed Transactions


Clicking "Failed Transactions" will take you to the same list.

Managing Incomplete Transactions

For declined transactions, you can hover your mouse over the status to see the error message from your gateway provider telling you why the credit card or e-check was declined. You can also Retry the transaction directly from the list.


Note: A constituent who has had a transaction declined online may have made other attempts. If an attempt was successful, it would not appear on the Incomplete transaction list. We recommend that you make sure the constituent's account does not already have an identical but successful transaction on it before retrying the declined payment.

Click on any row in the list to see the transaction details.


From here, you have three options:

1) Retry the transaction. You can Retry transactions to re-process the credit card. It is good to check with the constituent prior to retrying the payment.

Note: This option is not available if you are using Worldpay as your payment gateway. You will need to log in to your Worldpay account and retry the transaction from there.

2) Cancel the transaction. Click Cancel to keep the record of the transaction in your system and remove it from the list of Pending Payments.

3) Delete the transaction. Click on the Delete button at the top of the page to permanently remove this record from your system.


Retrying Declined Payments

If you retry the payment and it is successful, you will see a "Transaction Successful" message and be given an option to send the appropriate notification(s) to the constituent.


If you retry the payment and it is still declined, you will see a declined error message.


Click Edit Payment Details to view the payment details. From here, you can replace the credit card or e-check information.


Make the necessary changes to the payment information from the Gateway Payment page. You will then have two options:

  1. To re-send the payment to your gateway provider to be processed, click the 'Submit Changes to [name of payment processor]' button.
  2. To update the payment information on this page without re-sending it to your Gateway for processing, simply click 'Save Changes' instead.


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