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Entering a Matching Pledge as a System User
Donors Entering Match Pledge Data Online
Adding a Matching Pledge Payment
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NeonCRM provides a tool set to keep track of matching pledges and gifts. The process follows these steps:

  1. Constituent makes a donation.
  2. From the donation record, a staff user creates a pledge. This pledge is on behalf of the matching organization, and is linked to the original donation.
  3. The organization makes payments on their new pledge.

Entering a Matching Pledge as a System User

First, the donation must be completed within NeonCRM. From the Donation Summary page, click the Add Match Pledge button.

On this screen, we are creating a pledge. This pledge is linked to the original donation.

The matching organization (in our example, this is The Donation Foundation) is responsible for fulfilling the pledge. Note that we can see information about the original donation on the right. Make sure the details of the new donation match it.

After the pledge is created, you will see the summary page. Note that this displays that the pledge balance is $1000 and no money has been received toward the pledge.

If you navigate to the matching organization's account page, you will see a record of the new pledge under the Donations section.

Donors Entering Match Pledge Data Online

You can add standard fields for collecting matching company data to your online donation forms through the Configure Fields & Sections utility under System Settings >> Home/Dashboard >>Forms & Web Pages.

For more details on how to configure your online forms, refer to this guide.

If a donor enters information into any of the Match Company fields, a Match Company record will be created on the donation. This record will have a default status of Unreconciled, and the donation will be added to the "Donations to Reconcile" list in the To-Do section of your Fundraising module.

To reconcile this record and create a matching pledge, click Reconcile on the appropriate line in the Donations to Reconcile list.

A page will open with the pledge information and a section containing the matching information. Click the Reconcile button in this section.

The company name from this section will auto-populate the Donor name field on the matching pledge. You can then link the company name to a matching organization account in your database. If no match exists, you can create a new organization account in your next step.

Enter the amount to be matched and click Continue to complete the pledge.

By default, your pledge will be created with a status of Pending until you can confirm it with the organization. When the pledge is confirmed, edit the record and change the status to Succeed.

Entering a Matching Pledge Payment

To enter the payment for a matching pledge, go to the record containing the matching pledge > Donations. Select the pledge to view the Match Pledge Summary.

Scroll to the bottom of the Match Pledge Summary to Pledge Payment Information and select Add Payment.

Enter the payment information.

After completing the regular steps for submitting a payment (i.e. acknowledgements, etc.), the payment will be reflected on the pledge.

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