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Add the thermometer widget to a web page


This guide will explain how to add a donation progress thermometer to a campaign page, or a web page on your website. First, your campaign must have a goal amount associated with it. 

Note: Please be aware that the Campaign Thermometer only includes donations to that campaign. Donations to child campaigns are NOT included in the thermometer of the parent campaign.

To get started, navigate here: Fundraising > Campaigns 

From the campaign list, click View on the campaign for which you would like a thermometer.




On the campaign detail page, find the section titled Campaign Thermometer & Participant List Control. Click Edit Setting

Note: This option will NOT be displayed if you do not have a Goal Amount associated with the specific Campaign.

New Thermometer Widget

The new thermometer widget is the default for all campaigns created after 01/11/2016. 

Check the box next to each feature to include it in the widget.

  • Widget Image - Add an image to represent your campaign
  • Widget Title
  • Widget Description
  • Progress Bar - Show the total donations counting up to your goal.
  • Donate button - Links to your campaign's donation form. This cannot be disabled, but the text and color can be adjusted
  • Campaign Details Button - Links to your campaign's detail page.
  • Donor List - Choose whether to show your 25 largest donors to this campaign or your 25 most recent.
  • Links to share donation form on social media


Classic Thermometer Widget

This brings up the thermometer configuration page. Ensure that the setting labeled Enable this widget is set to Yes.

Configure the look and feel of the thermometer using the settings on this page, and using the image on the left as a guide. Click Submit when done.


Verify that your thermometer is configured the way you like it, and click the highlighted link to continue.


Add the thermometer widget to a web page

Back on the campaign detail page, you now have the code that will display a thermometer. Highlight this code, and copy it (Ctrl + C).

At this point, you could paste this code into a page on your website, or display it on your campaign page. The rest of this guide will show you how to display the thermometer on a campaign page.

Find the section labeled Content of the Campaign Page and click Edit.

Using the control panel of the content editor, click Source.


Paste your thermometer code into this section (Ctrl + V). Click Submit when finished.

Note: If your event or campaign page is HTTPS based, please replace the text http with https in the following scripts to avoid warning message.


Back on the campaign detail page, you can see how this looks by clicking on the Check link next to Campaign Page Link.

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