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About the Batch Donation Feature
Adding Batch Donations from Individuals
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About the Batch Donation Feature

Batch Donation is a time-saving feature in NeonCRM that allows you to enter data for several donations at a time into a spreadsheet, and upload them into your database all at once.

Important Information about Batch Donations:

  • You can search for existing accounts in the database and add donations to those accounts, or create new accounts with donations, all in the same spreadsheet.
  • Only donations can be added through Batch Donation. For information about adding several memberships or event registrations to your database at the same time, click here to see our guides on using the Import Manager.
  • Custom data cannot be added through Batch Donation.
  • Honor/Memory information for donations cannot be added through Batch Donation.
  • Solicitor and Social Fundraiser information can be added through Batch Donation.
  • Payment Notes are the only type of notes that can be added through this feature. For more detail on the different types of notes, click here.
  • Batch Donation will only add "offline" transactions - no payments can be processed through credit card gateway or e-check by using this feature.

Starting a New Batch

Before you start adding donations to a batch, you must separate the donations by two main categories: 1) Account Type (Individual or Organization); and 2) Tender type. Spreadsheets for adding donations can only be created for one account type and one tender type at a time. So for example, you would create one spreadsheet for checks from individuals, another for checks from organizations, a third for cash from individuals, etc.

Start a new batch by opening your Fundraising tab and clicking on "Batch Donation".

Create a batch number or search for an existing batch to add to. You can add multiple spreadsheets to the same batch.

Select the tender type of the donations you are entering.

Check the boxes to indicate default settings for donation acknowledgment emails and/or letters. These boxes determine default settings only; you can change these settings for individual donations in the spreadsheet.

Leave the "Organization Donor" checkbox blank if you are entering donations from Individuals, then click Continue. If you are entering donations from Organizations, click here.

Adding Batch Donations from Individuals

On the next page, indicate which columns you'd like to appear on your spreadsheet. Some columns are required and cannot be deselected, but most columns can be added or removed according to your preference. Columns are available for recording basic donation data (campaign, fund, purpose, source etc.), individual account information, and payment information (e.g. check #, payment notes). When you have selected the desired columns, click Continue.

Note: though "Social Fundraiser" is not shown as a checkbox option on this page, if there are any social fundraisers attached to a particular campaign, their names will be available to select in a "Social Fundraiser" column next to Campaign in the data entry spreadsheet.


On the next page, you may set a default date, campaign, fund, and/or purpose for your donations. This is not required, but is meant to save time in data entry by pre-populating the columns of your spreadsheet with default data if the majority of your donations are from the same date, campaign, fund, and/or purpose. If you set a default, you can always make exceptions in the spreadsheet itself if necessary. Set any desired defaults (or leave them blank) and click Continue.

The next page is where you enter the donations themselves. Data entry is performed in the top left panel on the page; the "Account Search" panel is where NeonCRM searches for existing accounts in your database to attach donations to. The "Donation Fields" panel at the bottom keeps an updated summary of current donation and account data.

You can search for existing accounts by account ID number, shown below...


...or by entering a donor name in the first column of the spreadsheet and hitting Tab.


In either case, if any matches are found, they will appear in a list in the Account Search panel. Click on the correct match to select and add your new donation to that existing account.

If no account match is found, the Account Search panel will be blank.


If this occurs, complete the required contact information fields in the spreadsheet, and NeonCRM will create a new account for the donor when the spreadsheet is uploaded.


When adding new accounts, if either the Household Name or Household Salutation field is populated, a household will be created with the donor as head of household. However, Batch Donation cannot add or link to additional household contacts.

Use the Tab button to progress through the data entry columns and rows. You may add more rows if necessary by clicking the "Add" button at the top of the data entry panel. You may also delete rows if necessary, though you do not need to delete empty rows left over at the end of data entry. When you have entered all donations, click "Submit All" at the top of this panel. When all donations have been submitted, NeonCRM will display your results:


"Validation Error" will appear if required data (like donation amount, or first/last name on a new account) is missing from a data entry row, if any data is invalid, or if a row is empty. You can ignore the errors for the empty rows. For any other errors, select the appropriate row and enter the corrections in the spreadsheet or in the "Donation Fields" panel below, and click "Submit All" again. NeonCRM will ignore any rows already marked "Successfully Submitted" and only upload the corrected rows.

When you have finished data entry on this page, you can see a list of all donations in this batch by clicking the "View Current Batch" button at the top of the data entry panel.


Click here for more ways to view and report on your batch donations.

Organization Batch Donations

Sometimes you receive donations that are attributed to an organization and you want to enter these as a batch. This is easily done in the NeonCRM’s batch donation utility.

The process is similar to that of entering batch donations from individuals, but there are a few small details to consider when entering organization donations.

1. You would first choose Organization Donor on the initial Batch Donation screen. This will allow you to enter donations tied to a specific organization.

Note: Choosing this option will only allow you to search Organizations. You cannot enter both Individual and Organization donations at the same time.

2. Walk through the regular setup for the batch as shown for Individual donations, until you reach the donations entry screen.

3. Once you are at this screen, follow the steps in the picture below. Make sure you choose an Organization (Account Search box) AND Organization Contact (Organization Contact List box) to attribute the donation to.

4. After choosing your Organization AND the Organization Contact, continue as normal with your batch and submit when you are ready.

Note:: Choosing an organization contact will attribute the gift to that individual but will not post the donation to that individual's record. The donation will only be on the Organizational record itself and any automated email correspondence will be sent to the Organization Email listed on the record. If you need to directly link donations between organizations and individuals consider using a matching pledge.

Viewing and Reporting on Batch Donations

The "Donation Batch Number" search criteria is available under the "Donation" search tab in the Donation Detail Report. Use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific batch number. "Batch Number" is also an available column in that report.

To view a list of all your previous batches, navigate to Fundraising tab > Batch Donation then click on the link shown in the image below.


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