Honor/Memory Donations


Honor/Memory Donations
Entering an Honor/Memory Donation
Acknowledgee & Honor/Memory Name
Viewing & Reporting Honor/Memory Donations
Honor/Memory & Acknowledgee Fields on your Individual and Organization Standard Donation Forms
Reconciling Honor/Memory Donations
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Honor/Memory Donations

Honor/Memory Donations are gifts made in honor or memory of another person. Honorees have their own records in NeonCRM, which are tracked separately from your regular constituent database and can be accessed from your Honor/Memory List. Honorees do NOT have their own individual accounts.

Entering an Honor/Memory Donation

To enter a new Honor/Memory donation, begin to enter a new donation using the process outlined in the Entering Donations guide. On the Donation: Create page, in the Acknowledgee section, start typing a name into the Honor/Memory Name field to choose the honoree for this donation.

Note: The search for existing Honor/Memory records will only return results based on the First Name and Last Name fields. Including a Middle Name will return 0 results.


This will start a search for existing records of people defined as honorees. If the record was previously created as someone who has had donations made to honor them, select their name from the list, otherwise, select Create Honor/Memory to create a new record.


Acknowledgee is the person who should receive notification that this donation was made in Honor/Memory.

Typically for Honor donations, this will be the person who received a donation in their Honor. Because honorees are not tracked as accounts in NeonCRM, you would need to create an account for them to receive an acknowledgement.

For Memory donations, this is typically a friend or family member of the deceased who should receive notification about this donation.

Note: Neon does not currently support a system email that sends to the person designated as the Acknowledgee for an honor/memory donation. Only one email is sent upon entering a donation into Neon: the Donation Appreciation system email, which sends to the donor.

To select an Acknowledgee, start typing their name into the Acknowledgee field. This will bring up an account search dropdown that will search all NeonCRM accounts.

If you find a match, select it from the list to link acknowledgment of this donation to that account. If no match is found, select New Acknowledgee.


Selecing New Acknowledgee will bring up a window to create a new Individual account for your acknowledgee.


Now that both the Honor/Memory Name and the Acknowledgee fields are complete, select Continue to complete adding the donation.

On the Donation Summary page, information will be displayed about both the honoree and the acknowledgee in the Acknowledgee Information section.


Viewing & Reporting Honor/Memory Donations

Viewing Honor/Memory Records & Donations

You can view of summary of Honor/Memory donations by honoree here: Fundraising tab > Honor/Memory List.

Click on a row to view all donations made in honor or in memory of that person.

Click on a row under the Donation List to view and/or edit a donation record.

To un-link an Honoree and/or Acknowledgee from a donation, edit the donation record and simply delete the honoree and acknowledgee names from their respective fields.

Reporting on Honor/Memory & Acknowledgee Information

Donations with Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee information can also be viewed by running the Honor/Memory Donations Report. Certain Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee information can also be searched and viewed in the Donation Detail Report. Navigate here: Reports tab > New Report > Donation > Honor/Memory Donations.

When selecting Search Criteria, you can choose to search by Acknowledgee Name, Honor/Memory Name, Honor/Memory ID, and Honor/Memory Type.

Click on the Edit Columns button to add Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee Output Columns to be displayed in the report results.

Honor/Memory & Acknowledgee Fields on your Individual and Organization Standard Donation Forms

Note: Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee fields are NOT supported for Custom Forms.

To collect Honor/Memory donations online, you will need to add the Honor/Memory Name and Honor/Memory Type fields to your donation forms. Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee fields are available to add to your Individual and Organization Standard Donation Forms, as well as on your Campaign Donation Forms.

To add the form fields, navigate to System Settings > System Settings Home > Forms & Web Pages > Standard Forms > Configure Fields & Sections.

The full guide to customizing your standard forms is found here.



In Step 2, you can see all available Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee fields. Find the fields you want to use and move them to the right hand column to add them to your form, as shown in the example below. Bear in mind that the fields you add here will also appear on any Campaign Donation Forms that do not have their own configuration.

Tip: Use the "Add Section" function to organization your fields. Placing H/M and Acknowledgee fields in their own sections will allow you to add header text to those field sections in Step 3.

On the next page, you can edit the fields' display names and designate fields as required or optional.

Once you've added the Honor/Memory fields to your Standard Donation Form, you will need to start monitoring your To Do List so that you can reconcile honor/memory donations that are submitted via your online donation forms.

Reconciling Honor/Memory Donations

When an Honor/Memory Donation is made through your online donation forms or entered into Neon via the Import Manager, NeonCRM does not automatically connect the gift to the honoree. You must manually reconcile these gifts using the Donations to Reconcile feature.

Note: Honor/Memory and Acknowledgee information will not be available in reports until these donations have been reconciled.

To do so, navigate to Fundraising > Fundraising Dashboard and find the Honor/Memory & Matching Donations to Reconcile widget:


If you can't find this widget on your Fundraising dashboard, click the gear icon at the top and select Add New Widget.


The easiest way to locate the correct widget is by typing a keyword into the Search field:


Once you've found it, select the widget to add it to your dashboard.

Clicking View All at the bottom of the widget will take you to the Donations to Reconcile page, which lists any Honor/Memory or Match Pledge donations that have come in via your front-end forms and need to be reconciled. To reconcile an Honor/Memory donation, click Reconcile under the Action column.

This will take you to the Donation: Edit page. The right panel will display information entered online by the donor about the honoree and Acknowledgee. To copy this data, select the Reconcile buttons next to the Acknowledgee or Honor/Memory name as needed.

Selecting these buttons will populate the Acknowledgee and Honor/Memory Name fields with the names entered by the donor. They may or may not match existing records in your database. If any potential matches are found, a drop down list of suggestions will appear:

If a match is found, click on the row to select the record. (In the example above, none of the suggested matches are correct, so we'll be creating a new Acknowledgee account anyway.)

If the Honor/Memory Name does NOT match an existing Honor/Memory record and/or the Acknowledgee does not already have a NeonCRM account, then you will be prompted to create a New Honor/Memory record and/or a new account for the Acknowledgee.

Once you've reconciled the donation, you will notice that the donation record is now linked to the Acknowledgee's NeonCRM account and/or the Honor/Memory record.

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