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Document Center

The disk space available to store your documents in the Document Center is 1GB, with a file size limit of 500MB. In addition, the Document Center has 10GB of bandwidth available to transfer your files to your constituents. If you wish to expand the storage and bandwidth for your Document Center for an additional cost, please submit a ticket to the support center. 

Access your document center by navigating to: Document Tab > Documents Home


From here you can see a control panel with your most recent documents listed. The Action column has several icons that have important functions.


They are:

  • checkout.gif Check out – Downloads the most recent version of the document. When you check out a document, NeonCRM remembers this and changes the icon’s color. Click this icon again to check the document back in.
  • download.gif Download – Simply downloads a copy of the document.
  • versions.gif Details – This opens the detail page for the document. From here, you can see the revision history, when it was last checked out, and other details about the specifics of the file.
  • delete.gif Delete – This moves the document to the Recycle Bin.
  • copyURL.gif Copy URL to Clipboard – This copies the public web address for the document (if enabled) to your clipboard, so that you can paste it somewhere else. This is useful for creating hyperlinks to the document.

Creating New Documents

“Creating” a document in NeonCRM is a matter of uploading one, for which NeonCRM creates an entry.


You can upload files of any format. When you upload the document, you must give your document a Name, which is how it will be labeled in the Document listing. Select the file you would like to upload, and add a description to help staff users understand what the file is.

The status determines whether or not the file is accessible for people to download this file from a web link.

If you choose to Publish your file, NeonCRM will generate a URL which will link to the file. You can distribute this link as you choose. You must make your file Available to public for the URL to work.


Category is a field that makes your documents easier to sort through. It is configured in your Document Settings.

Check Out/In

The idea of Checking Out and Checking In a document is to keep track of who has made revisions to the document. NeonCRM tracks every revision on a document’s detail page. When you check a document out, NeonCRM remembers that you have checked it out.

To check it back in, either click the Icon on the Dashboard, or find the document’s detail page and click the “Check In” button at the top. This allows you to upload the new version of the file. The process for this is very similar to uploading a new document.

The Checkin Comments field allows you to enter notes specific to your revision of the document. NeonCRM maintains copies of all versions uploaded, so you never lose changes that may have been overwritten in newer versions.To view the revision history of a document, click the Details icon.


From the document detail page, you can check the document out, or click edit header to edit the name, description, and publishing settings for this document.

In the Revision History, click Retrieve to download a version of the document.


Recycle Bin

When you click Delete on a document in NeonCRM, it goes to the Recycle Bin. This is found here:

Document Tab > Documents Home > Recycle Bin Management

For each document in the Bin, you have three options:

  • Retrieve – This downloads the document
  • Restore – This places the document back into the main listing
  • Delete – This permanently deletes the document

Documents Uploaded by the Public

If you have enabled constituent document upload in the document center settings, your constituents may log in to the constituent login area and upload documents which will become attached to their NeonCRM account. Before they can be attached to their account, however, they must be approved by a staff user. Pending approval, the documents will appear in this section.


From here, you can choose to view, approve and delete documents.

  • View - Downloads the document so that you can review its contents.
  • Approve - This approves the uploaded document and attaches it to the constituent's account record. Once approved, the document will disappear from the Documents Uploaded by the Public list and will appear in the Notes/Documents section on the constituent's account.
  • Delete - This denies the uploaded document and deletes it.

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